Two-Minute Drills; Bishop Amat-Alemany; Monrovia-San Marino and much more

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  • The stands

    All Amat needs is a sustained run game with a few passes mixed in to defeat Alemany. Maybe a couple of wheel routes to Collins and Lopez to take advantage of their speed. Don’t have to get cute with any trickery, just good old fashion power football.

    • Valley Athletics

      Need to throw ball down field some to give Blake some confidence .chaminades run defense is good so a good passing game needs to be developed against Alemany .

      • AMAT73

        Slants and quick outs , loosen up the middle , then run the ball .No need to go too far downfield , the line usually does not pass block all that well . Either way we will need to throw a little more , but we need to do all this tonight and make sure we get the W . GO AMAT !!!!!!!!!