Bonita football parting ways with coach Ibis Aguilar

Press Release from Vice Principal and former Football coach Eric Podley
Bonita High School has decided to make a change in our Head Football Coach position. Making a coaching change is never easy, but it is an especially difficult decision when you know that a coach has given his all to our school.  We appreciate the countless hours Coach Aguilar, his family and staff have devoted to the players and the football program at Bonita High School.  Coach Aguilar will be remembered for his commitment to building character in our student-athletes.  We wish Coach Aguilar well in his future coaching endeavors.

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  • reality

    As a Bonita follower when Ketterling gave the OK to Podley’s pick for his successor coach Medrano and then Bonita’s dramatic semi-final run in his 2nd year I thought “good”, stability will continue at Bonita athletics. Then something went haywire. Medrano run out of Dodge for a unclear reason and bolted for home. His replacement took plenty of time to locate then after being hired quit the next day in anger and all this seemed to impact all of Bearcat sports well being. Coach Aguilar tried but things don’t look right at the proud Bonita sports community currently.

    • Aaron

      Medrano’s wife is the reason why he left. She works in that school district and was principal of El Rancho at the time. Some interesting things going when Bub took over. However, knowing the new administration, a lot of Ketterling Disciples.