Great take by Steve Kerr on LaVar Ball being the Kardashian of sports and everyone eating it up

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  • Conq ’76

    Journalism is dying, not because of a lack of dedicated, talented individuals, but because our population is becoming more and more “Under-educated”, (I could have said “Dumbed-Down” but I am attempting to be diplomatic).

    Historically, our population was educated through network news, the Big Three, (CBS, NBC and ABC), but actual, in-depth understanding, came through news papers. Journalists researching, cross checking sources, seeking verifiable facts and producing news pieces in which enlightenment and understanding were the goal.

    Sounds idealistic, and yes there were political slants and biases expressed in these pieces, they were written by human beings after all.

    However, more and more, journalism as well as formal education has been bending to accommodate what is expedient and demanding the loudest cries for attention.

    The Ball family has stepped into the National Spotlight and began its juggling act. People “oooh and aww” when a juggling pin gets dropped, (UCLA Team in china Fiasco) but the audience roars with horrified laughter when Lavar says, “Ignore that, it’s not important”.

    We as a country have, come to accept what the least among us expect.

    • mike1231

      And/or maybe we have always been this dumb, but now we have the internet as an outlet to announce our dumbness. In the past, the dummies exposure to others was limited to the people that they could actually interact with in person…and at that, people are a lot less likely to spew their opinions in a face-to-face setting vs. anonymously on the Twitter.

      “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and to remove all doubt.”

      • Conq ’76

        Entirely possible, Barber Shop Talk…