PRESEASON: Top 10 Quarterbacks in the SGV …

Danny Pertusati, this is everybody. Everybody, this is Danny Pertusati.

Because summer passing league games are the next order of business and QBs will be at center stage, I feel now is an appropriate time to give out the SGV’s best at the position. It’s still early enough that I’d be willing to listen to any arguments, so feel free to plug away.I will probably fire back, but that’s what we’re here for. I think there’s a lot of guesswork involved this season. Not a lot seems very clear as it pertains to this year’s QB crop whereas last year we had McDonough and Mendrun and Chase and Castaneda and so on all returning. This year, there are several excellent established arms. And then there are some cases of major potential. As you know, I think that good seasons go hand in hand with good QBs. I’d be willing to bet gold that the team of every QB on this list will have a winning season. Do you want that action? The hard part about ranking them comes from the fact that some of the unestablished names have considerably more upside than some of the established names. Make sure you re-read and understand that last sentence before firing away. If you have any info, then please share it. Don’t be afraid … this isn’t a baseball thread. I fully expect some new names to pop up once certain schools make their choices on starters. Undoubtedly, you can expect opinions to change and new ones to be formed once the summer begins to play out. I’m not going to lie to you, I have mixed feelings about the overall crop of local QBs. Welcome to the 2007 season …

1. Danny Pertusati, Damien – I know what you’re thinking … Yes, this is officially Pertusati’s first year under center. I know it’s hard to understand my putting him ahead of other more established names. But let me explain something, Pertusati is the best pure athlete on this list. He’s going to run and throw opponents ragged. Because of this, I’m starting to re-think my original thoughts about Damien. It hurts losing Mark Mendrun, Travis Eschardies and Anthony Hile, but there’s no reason to think Pertusati won’t have comparable success to Mendrun … throw in a good O-Line/D-Line, experience back at RB, and maybe this team won’t drop off as much as previously thought. Pertusati is probably a better scrambler than Mendrun, but I don’t think he’s quite the passer (yet). Tons of upside.

2. Chris Allen, Charter Oak – The way Allen finished the season should mean big things for CO as it aspires to not only get back to the big game, but win it this time. Allen’s ability to calmly manage the game was as impressive as his passing. I think there’s major upside to him, too. With half a season and some key playoff experience under his belt, look for Allen to blossom even more this season. My only worry is that Michael Johnson isn’t around to burn opponents deep.

3. Brandon Parham, South Hills – Fans got their first glimpse of Parham two years ago when he got extensive playing time against D-I power Esperanza in South Hills’ 2005 opener. The natural progression was for Parham to be the starter last year in the wake of Kevin Mort’s graduation. It didn’t happen as Nick Lamaison upset him for the job and put together a fine season. Parham has returned as a specimen this year. He looks ready to stake his claim over two talented underclassmen. Parham’s athletic ability will likely get him a ride somewhere as DB, but he could be one of those fun-to-watch run/pass combos that make the HS game so fun to watch.

4. Austin Goldsmith, Duarte – The best nobody knows about? Goldsmith has the luxury of handing the ball off to last year’s Valley rushing leader Chris Harris. But with everyone in fear of Harris, the door could be open for Goldsmith to relentlessly burn teams who overcompensate against the run. Goldsmith has prototype body and skills and a nice set of receivers to work with. Duarte’s balance has the team headed toward another 12-13 game season.

5. Brian Partida, Arroyo – Talk about pressure … When Partida took over for Dominic Salmon, Arroyo fans wondered if their team would still be able to move the ball through the air. You see, Salmon was arguably the best passer in school history and the passing game was a considerably new angle to Arroyo football compared to seasons of the past. Partida’s performance over the past two seasons certainly eased those fears. He threw for 2,475 yards last season. Those used to be unheard of numbers for a Mission Valley League QB. But right behind him was South El Monte’s Jose Garay. I have a hard time separating these two, but I lean Partida beause he’s a senior and might have the better overall supporting cast … I didn’t say receivers, I said supporting cast. Partida gives Knights coach Jim Singiser the ability to let it all hang out, kinda like the 2004 season.

6. Jose Garay, South El Monte – I know there will be people in the foothill communities rolling their eyes when they see two Mission Valley League QBs ranked side by side. But Garay was truly remarkable last year, taking over for departed legend Lee Aguirre. Just when you thought the Eagles were headed back to obscurity, Garay lead them to a share of the MVL title. He’s only a junior and has one of the area’s best targets in Tommy Cogburn to throw to. Garay threw for 2,331 yards last year and could improve on those numbers as South El Monte makes its bid to stay on par with Arroyo and Rosemead.

7. Cameron Deen, South Hills – With Parham likely to get the nod as coach Steve Bogan’s main man, Deen, a junior, will have to wait his turn until next season. So why put him on the list? Because he does qualify easily as one of the Valley’s best, even as a backup. Don’t believe me? Go watch a South Hills passing league game and then ask yourself “Would he start at my place?” You’re forgiven.

8. Oscar Robles, Northview – Robles got his feet wet last year as a sophomore. He certainly had his moments and will have many more starting this year. Northview’s skill players look like some of the best around. This could be a Covina 2005-06 breakout in the making. I don’t think coach Jim Arellanes will get that crazy, but the Vikes are going to put up some numbers. The offensive line could hinder Robles’ progress, but he’s going to start making a name for himself this season.

9. Drew Kaluzny, Glendora – Tartans coach Mark Pasquarella took some heat last year for getting Kaluzny reps during key times in close games. But that’s a new technique being used by many coaches these days. South Hills did it with Kevin Mort, giving him reps as a sophomore in the second quarter while starter Philip Guerrero watched. The thinking is that you put the backup in when it’s still a game and not mop-up time. Wait, does Glendora ever have games with mop-up time? Alright, anyway, Kaluzny has some experience and I expect him to fit right into the Garrett Crook mold. He won’t mess anything up and will make the big throws when he has to. With Glendora’s defense expected to be great, should it be any other way?

10. Chris Willison, South Hills – Like Deen, you’ll ask how a likely non-starter is on this list. Check back in two years and you’ll understand. Although I think fans will start to get a taste of Deen and Willison this year. Bogan is likely to throw both of them reps. Again, this guy is a starter on almost any other Valley team, no matter how good you think you are. And technically, right now, he’s not a backup.

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Gary Brown says hello from Boston …

Diamond Bar’s stud SS/OF just called from Boston where he worked out today at Fenway Park for the Red Sox. He’s hoping to sneak into the first round of Thursday’s MLB draft. He won’t last past the first few rounds. By the way, he struck out SIX TIMES in THREE SEASONS!!! He’s committed to Cal State Fullerton, but could sign if the que$o is right. Brown said he can’t get a flight out of Boston until tomorrow because of the weather. He hit .612 this season!!!

“I couldn’t quite get one over the monster, but …,” Brown said.

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Amat upholds its end of the bargain!!!

The Lancers can finally celebrate.

I’m back: The situation in the press box wasn’t pretty. We had one wireless connection and one dial-up. Special thanks go out to Scott Galetti for his pinch-hit blogging. What a great night it was. Amat got after Eddie McKiernan. The depth was just too much. The Lancers have hitters throughout the lineup and having two pitchers like Maverick Olivares and Chris Eusebio really helps keep both guys fresh. The umps were absolutely atrocious, but fortunately the right team won. TAKE NOTHING AWAY FROM THESE LANCERS, THEY TOOK CARE OF BUSINESS!!!

This is Scott Galetti helping out Aram with updates from the Bishop Amat/Monrovia title game at UC Riverside.

Amat closing in on a celebration at UC Riverside

Top of the First: Curtis Cowell gets hit by a pitch, but is later retired on a double play.

Bottom of the first: Bishop Amat takes a 1-0 on a single up the middle by Maverick Olivares, who led off with a infield single and went to second on a sacrifice by Sergio Munoz. 1-0 BA

Top of the second: Erik Allen and Patrick Greene led off with singles. Following a ground out, Clint Fraijo tied the game at 1-1 with a single to left. The Wildcats loaded the bases, but Olivares got Curtis Cowell to ground out to short to end the threat.

Bottom of the second: Amat gets a single by Andrew Mistone, but he is stranded at third when Jordan Fox struck out looking. 1-1.

Top of the third: Eddie McKiernan singled with one out and stole second. He would later score on a single to right-center by Patrick Greene. 2-1 Monrovia.

Bottom of the Third: Fox leads off with a double to left and Munoz reached first on a fielder’s choice. With runners at second and third and one out, Olivares then popped one down the third-base line in foul ground. Monrovia shortstop Vince Vega made a diving catch. He alertly got up and ran to third base to force out Fox. He then threw to first, but it was ruled that Munoz tagged before advancing to second. Chris Eusebio doubled to right-center to score Munoz to tie the game. Tommy Reyes followed with a double down the right-field line to give the Lancers a 3-2 lead after three.

Top of the Fourth: Monrovia goes down 1-2-3. 3-2 BA

Bottom of the Fourth: Little ball remains the key for Amat. Bryan Seymour singles and is sacrificed to second. Fox doubles to right to score Frank Lopez, who was running for Seymour to make it 4-2. Munoz doubled to right field to make it 5-2. Olivares singled down the right-field line to make it 6-2. A single by Eusebio ended McKiernan’s out with two out in the fourth. Monrovia reliever Richard Kilbury walked Tommy Reyes to load the bases and then Mistone to score a run. Kilbury struck out Nick Bergara to end the inning. 7-2 BA

Top of the Fifth: Monrovia gets back-to-back two-out singles, but can’t cash in. 7-2 BA

Bottom of the Fifth: Kevin Bonilla walked, stole second, stole third, but was out 2-1 trying to score. 7-2 BA after five.

Top of the Sixth: Monrovia loads the bases with one out. Olivares is relieved by Eusebio. Eusebio hits Cowell to score a run and Rocky Tavera knocks in a run on a ground out toe second. 7-4 BA after 5 1/2.

Bottom of the Sixth: Amat goes down 1-2-3. 7-4 BA heading into the seventh.

Top of the Seventh: Eusebio walks the first two batters, but gets a 5-4-3 double play. After Greene scored on a passed ball, Eusebio strikes out Chris Sanchez looking to end the game.

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Do you guys want LIVE BLOGGING again tomorrow night?

It’s Amat Time in the desert. Wait, is Riverside the desert?

I shouldn’t put down Riverside, because truth is I probably couldn’t afford to live there either. Anyway, I want to know from the Amat fans ARE YOU GUYS GONNA MAKE YOUR WAY EAST ON THE 10 MANANA AND PICK UP YOUR CHAMPIONSHIP? I want to hear from you LancerNuts. I better see nothing but blue out there and a bunch of “A” bumper stickers in the parking lot.

ALSO: Do you guys want the live blogging again tomorrow? I can see it got some hits tonight, but Saturday’s can be tricky. Plus, I’m gonna have Fred bugging me the whole time. Anyway, let me know and I’ll go to Riverside packing (that’s sports writer lingo for bringing a lap top).

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The Chargers win the pennant! The Chargers win the pennant!


11:02: Predictably, I got lost. Even a call from Big Reg (Time Warner Cable Television) couldn’t help me find my way back without getting a tour of L.A. that I didn’t want.

Bot 7th: Garkow gets Santa Monica 1-2-3. CHARTER OAK WINS THE CIF-SS DIVISION IV CHAMPIONSHIP, 7-1.

Top 7th: CO puts up nothing, but does it matter? CO leads 7-1.

Bot 6th: Garkow has been nails. Santa Monica can’t get to him consistently. CO survives another inning. THREE MORE OUTS AND THE TITLE IS THEIR’S. CO leads 7-1.

Top 6th: Add two more runs to CO’s tally. McVey and Nyeholt have absolutely brutalized Santa Monica. This game might be out of reach now. CO leads 7-1.

Bot 5th: No problema – Santa Monica goes 1-2-3. Chargers six outs away!!! CO leads 5-1.

Top 5th: 1-2-3 go the Chargers. CO leads 5-1.

Bot 4th: Huge! Santa Monica loaded the bases with two outs, but Garkow got a groundout to escape. Nine more outs and we got ourselves a CHAMPION! CO leads 5-1.

Top 4th: Nick Torres singled in Nyeholt and McVey for a 5-1 lead. Torres got in a run down between 1st and 2nd and somehow made it back to 1st before the throw. Things are going CO’s way. They can put this game away with another big inning. CO leads 5-1.

Bot 3rd: Gorgeous double play turned by JC Torres and Matt Winkler. No damage. CO leads 3-1.

Top 3rd: CO threatened, but nada. CO leads 3-1.

Bot 2nd: Garkow has settled in. He gave up only a two out single. No damage done. CO leads 3-1.

Top 2nd: Danny Tiffany singled in Cameron McVey, who singled and went to 2nd on a balk with two outs. Nyeholt followed with an infield hit to score Tiffany. The Chargers scored twice with two outs. CO leads 3-1.

4:52: Garkow may have settled down. He battled back to K the next two hitters. Not out of the woods, though. OK, flyout to end the inning. 1-1. I think I’m going to start breaking this down by inning and not time.

4:49: B-A-D! Routine pop up to left and two CO outfielders go for it. It goes off the CF’s glove. Santa Monica ties it and has 1st and 2nd with nobody out. 1-1.

4:47: No bueno. Santa Monica has runners on 1st and 3rd, nobody out. Garkow is a little shaky. Big game jitters, perhaps.

4:40: It’s begun. Keith Nyeholt started the game with a lead-off walk. Man, what has Nyeholt’s return from injury meant for CO? People forget, but Nyeholt was All-Area last year. Fans are having a tough time judging fly balls. But that happens in the major league stadiums. Nyeholt just stole second and went to third when the ball went into center. BOOM! Ryan Snow just drilled a single to right. 1-0 Chargers! Nice start.

4:17: Introductions. The Santa Monica crowd is booing CO. The CO fans didn’t boo Santa Monica back. Interesting. Damn it, this game should be CO vs. Northview.

4:11: I wonder if Bishop Amat girls hoops coach Richard Wiard is going to sit in his season seats? His wife Kathie is the principal at CO, so I expect they’ll be here. Not telling you where Coach Wiard’s seats are, but I doubt he’ll be in them tonight.

4:06: The Chargers are taking infield right now. They’re the road team. You gotta know the boys are feeling it right now. What an experience. Tyler Garkow is warming in the visitor bullpen. And look at that, the Cal State Fullerton game is on the TV in the press box and former Glendora star Wes Roemer is on the mound.

3:30 p.m.: I’m in but not without trouble. Most of the parking gates were closed, but I found one. I’ll be working the game with fellow staffer Steve Ramirez, who told me I couldn’t get into the stadium yet. But I did by showing my press pass and telling the guard who I am. Then, I entered thru an open gate, bypassing the media will call booth. Uh-oh. Unreal when you think about it. I smell hot dogs and Charter Oak is stretching right now. Not many fans here yet. This place gets me pumped.

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Nothing left to do now but win!

I never believe anything about wireless connections until I actually feel them. Not even at Dodger Stadium where LA.’s greats call Vin Scully Press Box home. But assuming it works and my computer obliges, I will be blogging live from the CIF-SS Division IV final between Charter Oak and Santa Monica. This won’t just be about game updates, but I will include those also. There will also be a A LOT of random musings. So if you can’t get off work early, which is not a good excuse if you’re from Charter Oak, then hit this site and I’ll keep you up to date.

OFFICIAL ARAM PREDICTION: Charter Oak 7, Santa Monica 2 (I’ve got a good feeling this is going to be a big weekend for our locals!)

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It finally happened …

I had a feeling this day in high school sports would come sooner than later. Let me first explain what’s going on and offer you some links to help figure it out. There is controversy swirling around Newport Harbor pole vaulter Allison Stokke. She’s an 18-year-old senior and one of the state’s top vaulters. But that’s not why she’s getting attention. It seems that pictures of Ms. Stokke have been circulating around the Internet and they’re not attracting eyes because of her good vaulting form. You can see what I mean by doing a simple google search with her name. I’ve decided against posting any of them here because I don’t want copyright hassles. There’s also a myspace fan page for her, which you can also find by searching either that site or google. Stokke has turned into an Internet superstar for obvious reasons – she’s a female high school athlete with movie star looks and has people toeing a very strange line. And Allison’s father, Allan Stokke, who is a prominent defense attorney, is evidently not happy about his daughter’s new found fame. He voiced his displeasure in a FRONT PAGE story in the Washington Post and more recently the OC Register. Remember, the girl goes to Newport Harbor, and the story is in the Washington Post!!! Think it’s gotten big? The Washington Post article prompted the popular Web site to say: “Giving an huge interview to The Washington Post about how you can’t stand everyone talking about your daughter — and including two more attractive pictures — is really the perfect way to get everyone to stop talking about your daughter.” And then there’s this from CBS.
The situation has become so gigantic that it’s making its way through several major blogs and the debate has begun. I would suggest checking Sportsbybrooks (scroll down) for another viewpoint. It’s currently the lead item on that blog and there’s more further down the page.

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Shrine Game canceled ….

First of all, I blame you. We’ll get back to that in a second. I wrote an article today that ran in all three of our publications. I suggest you read it. Basically, the Shrine Game is taking a year break due to a lack of orginization. Supposedly, this is only a year break and not an altogether cancellation of the event. But if you’ve been tracking the game’s recent struggles – poor attendance, limited TV coverage and controversial selection process – you know that it’s unfortunately on its last leg. It will be a very sad day in SoCal high school football if the Shrine Game becomes extinct. And who’s to blame for all of this? Well, to be blunt, everyone is at fault. Fans for not attending. Players for not playing. Game organizers for not running things properly i.e. changing with the times. Did you go to last year’s game? I did. It was at Citrus College. I don’t think I saw you there because I truly didn’t see anyone there. I do know that I saw some players on the roster who weren’t legit all-stars. Second team all-leaguers selected to play because of connections or coaching preference. So what can be done to revive a game that used to get massive crowds decades ago? I got a call today from Jay Johnstone, who read my article. He’s interested in taking a shot at preserving this part of SoCal sports history. Will anybody else step up?

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I know that it’s kind of a hectic time with two teams playing for CIF championships this weekend, but the (baseball) All-Star game is this Sunday at Mt. SAC at 6 p.m.

Red Team (I think)
Max Valerio Arcadia
Corwin Kim Arcadia
Mark Larini Arroyo
Omar Soto Baldwin Park
Maverick Olivares Bishop Amat
Sergio Munoz Bishop Amat
Chris Eusebio Bishop Amat
Matt Baudino Bonita
Nick Torres Charter Oak
Mark Mendrun Damien
Chris Sandez Duarte
Andrew Viotti Duarte
Greg Cuevas Nogales
Tony Gracia Nogales
Robert Rodriguez Northview
Will Davis Northview
David Leonard San Dimas
Angel Marti South Hills
John Salazar South Hills
Matt Rueda South Pasadena
Joe DePinto St. Francis
Evan Simontisch St. Francis
Matt Quintero St. Francis
Justin Franta Walnut
Ed Caraza West Covina
Nick Field West Covina

Blue Team (I think)
Jacob Giambalvo Alhambra
Bryan Davila Alhambra
Javier Estrada Alhambra
Julio Raymundo Azusa
Cesar Beltran Blair
Adrian Farfan El Monte
Michael Ortega El Monte
Danny Macias Gabrielino
Ricky Pokorny Gabrielino
Mitchell Maseredjian La Canada
Scott Vincent La Puente
Frank Moreno Los Altos
Evelio Ahumada Los Altos
Eddie McKiernan Monrovia
Nick Fabanish Monrovia
Erik Allen Monrovia
Chris Galaviz Montebello
William Loza Montebello
Leander Benjamin Mountain View
Demaris Ellis Pasadena
Matt Forgatch San Marino
Braulio Velasquez Sierra Vista
Adrian Franco Sierra Vista
Mike Mendoza Temple City
Kyle McDonald Temple City

And the softball game is on June 6 at Mt. SAC 6 p.m.

Baldwin Park- Amber Frame
Charter Oak-Delaney Baylor, Jennifer Fontan, Ashley Comeford
Covina-Becky Hernandez
Duarte-Justine Goldsmith
Glendora-Ashley Paul
La Canada-Lise Leibl, Kristen Oechsel
Monrovia-Krissy Mihm, Courtney Mihm, Katie Mc
Samantha Rogers, Brittany Bateson
Northview-Serena Palacios, Casey Mc Phail, Vanessa Gutierrez
Rosemead-Danielle armenta, Leanna San Angelo
San Dimas-Jennifer Bustillos, Jessica Frusher, Gabby McNellis, Amanda
Ratliff, Lauren pulley

Bishop Amat-Lauren Mirabal
Diamond Bar-Brianne Bagwell, Alyssa Walters
El Monte-Jazmin Velazco, Desiree Avila
La Puente-Vanessa Palomino
Los Altos-Samantha Perez, Kim Valdivia
Nogales-Jessica Purcell, Cindy Fonseca
Rowland-Heather Ortiz, Christina Banuelos
South Hills-Tara Olson, Jacquelyn Holtzclaw, Jacqueline, McGrade
Walnut- Britany Matlock, Kristin Lane
West Covina-Shauniece Knight, Desiree Perez, Jordan Augino
Wilson-Jessica Bracamonte

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PREDICTIONS: Monrovia vs. Amat …

I don’t know if Freddie Robledo and his boys are just sandbagging, but there seems to be little belief on the westside that Monrovia can defend its title and take down Amat. It will be ace against ace on Saturday night when Eddie McKiernan and Maverick Olivares oppose each other in a game that will probably take only an hour to complete. Below you’ll find the musings of those who have either covered or coached against both teams in Saturday’s finals. I’d imagine Saturday’s crowd is going to be huge as everyone in the Valley will head east for the showdown. I know, I know, it sucks to go all the way to Riverside to play a game that very easily could’ve been played locally with a lot less money spent on gas. But, just look at Saturday’s game as the only good reason anyone could ever have to set foot in Riverside. Now, on to those predictions … Aram Tolegian: “Amat scores only twice and Monrovia once. McKiernan is dominant, but so is Olivares. Both teams flash leather and do the little things, but Amat does them slightly better. I’ve said it all along, Amat is just top-to-bottom better than anybody in the SGV. That doesn’t mean they can’t be beat, but I’ve seen a lot of teams who have one or two great players, three good ones and the rest average. Amat is just good up and down – batting order, starters and bullpen. Plus, when you watch this team, you can tell Coach Andy Nieto has taught them well. They’re fundamentally sound.” Yes, I just quoted myself. Brian Baiotto: “I definitely think Bishop Amat is going to win because they’ve kind of been cruising through the playoffs. They’re just too sound of a team. I just don’t think McKiernan can beat them alone, as great as he is.” If anybody should know, it’s Northview coach Darren Murphy. He’s played them both. Murphy: “That’s a tough matchup. I like Bishop Amat’s overall depth. They’re better than people assume. When you see Amat, you know you can play with them, but you hope your kids aren’t blown away with the Amat mystique. I like pitching in the playoffs, and Monrovia will be in it with McKiernan. The fact McKiernan has won a championship, and Amat hasn’t, that’s makes it a great game. Overall, though, I’d have to go with Amat’s overall depth. You think they’re beatable, but they find a way to pull out wins.”

Here’s the what the boys from the ‘Dena think:

Fred J. Robledo: Will Monrovia start McKiernan and bring someone else in the seventh inning, or start Eddie in the second inning, and let him finish. I hope the latter is true. In any case, I’ve seen Monrovia and McKiernan enough to know that if Monrovia plays defense behind Eddie, they’re going to win. I watched Monrovia commit three errors in McKiernan’s only loss, a 4-3 setback earlier in the season against Northview. I watched the Cats self-destruct with six errors on Tuesday, but McKiernan came in the fourth inning and settled everything down, then threw shutout innings in the fourth, fifth and sixth to allow the Cat’s to rally and pull out a miracle, 15-14 over Woodcrest Christian in the semis. I’ll set the over/under at 2. If the Cats commit 2 errors or less, they win. Anything more than 2, and the Lancers walk away with the title.

Andrew Campa, Star-News correspondent “Bishop Amat,” Campa said. “Amat is a division one team playing in division five. They’ve been the most consistent team in this division, and they breezed through a relatively tough Del Rey League. You like Monrovia’s heart, but it can only take you so far.”

Scott Galetti, Star-News staff writer: “Bishop Amat,” Galetti said. “Eddie’s only available for six innings, and once they get past him, I’m not sure if the rest of Monrovia’s staff can hold Amat down. I witnessed a game where Amat scored ten runs after La Salle’s starter went out earlier in the season. After seeing what happened without Eddie against Woodcrest Christian, I’d have to go with Amat.”

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Amat and Charter Oak championship game bound!!!

I’d call this a fitting place to play a championship game.

Charter Oak 5, Torrance 1 (Playoffs: CO 45 runs, Opponents 9)
Amat 4, Temple City 1 (The Amat vs. Monrovia matchup is now reality.)
Santa Monica 5, Northview 4 (Horrendously tough loss for the Vikes. They led 4-1 entering the seventh, but had some problems and fell apart. No shame, though. Thanks go out to this team for an absolutely thrilling postseason.)
Female bases
Charter Oak and San Dimas. Congrats to both teams for two unexpectedly awesome runs.

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UPDATED: East All-Star roster for the Hall of Fame Game …

When: July 6
Where: Bassett HS

Head coach: James Heggins, Baldwin Park
Phillip Aguayo, WR, Bonita
Greg Benson, LB, Diamond Ranch
Todd Bruno, LB, Glendora
Jesse Cervantes, OL, Bishop Amat
Philip Chase, QB/DB, Rowland
John Cornell, RB, Claremont
Jon Couwenhoven, DL, Rowland
Nic Curry, DB, South Hills
Emilio De La Garza, OL, Charter Oak
Terrance Dennis, DB, Diamond Ranch
Ralph Diaz, DL, Covina
Jordan Edmond, RB, Glendora,
Travis Eschardies, WR, Damien
Eric Flores, OL, Gladstone
Rex Foss, WR, Los Altos
Eric Gomez, WR, Ganesha
Josh Gracieux, DL, St. Paul
Aaron Harris, RB, Baldwin Park
Evaristo Herrera, OL, Baldwin Park
Anthony Hile, LB, Damien
Michael Hooper, LB, Bonita
Ivan James, WR/DB, Garey
Jamal James, WR/DB, Covina
Jon Joe, WR, San Dimas
Michael Johnson, WR, Charter Oak
Sam Lavea, DE, Los Altos
Mishaun Marshall, RB/DL, Nogales
Greg Martinez, OL, Montclair
Mike McDonough, QB, Covina
Mark Mendrun, QB, Damien
Ricky Montoya, LB, Baldwin Park
Mike Natividad, OL, West Covina
A.J. Pasalo, LB, Charter Oak
Brian Percell, DL, Pomona
Jose Perez, OL, St. Paul
Shaun Rosenthal, LB, West Covina
Darius Ridge, DB, Claremont
Frankie Ruiz, TE/DE, Bassett
John Salazar, WR/DB, South Hills
Alex Silva, QB, Workman
Richard Skolaski, OL, Northview
Marvin Walker, DB, Chino
William Wallace, RB/DB, West Covina

NOTE: There are preliminary plans to have a Saturday afternoon practice/scrimmage with the snack bar open that will give fans a fun way to watch these guys scrimmage against each other. Heggins thinks it will be the team’s first time in pads. Should be cool. More on that later … The team will practice at Baldwin Park HS in the new stadium where a beautiful field turf surface has been installed. That stadium looks unreal, by the way.

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The shot heard around the SGV …

A familiar scene at Northview games this season.

Northview 4, Bonita 3 – R.J. Arnold delivers a walk-off, 3-run homer.
San Dimas 9, Lompoc 8 – These Saints are road warriors.
Charter Oak 16, Norte Vista 2 – Ditto.
Nogales 3, Alhambra 2 – Romano and the Nobles defy logic, win in 10.

Both dongs were hit to the same place (sorta).

ABOUT NORTHVIEW VS. BONITA: I’ve never seen such a stunning end to a prep baseball game. What amazed me was the silence right after Arnold went yard. The Bonita fans were obviously shocked, but I don’t think it even registered with Northview fans for about a minute. That’s probably because it happened so quick. Arnold came to the plate, took a cut, then took another and connected. Poof! Game over! Absolutely unreal!!!!

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