Impressed with Love

Add Xavier’s Sean Miller to the long list of opposing coaches who are amazed at what Kevin Love does, but Miller’s accolades came from the way Love plays defense and rebounds.
“We got one foul on Kevin Love in the first four minutes, and I got excited,” Miller said. “I think if we would have played 200 more minutes, he would not have picked his second foul up. He doesn’t foul.”
Of course, Love finished with three fouls in 33 minutes. He also had 19 points, 10 rebounds and for assists.

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  • aguacate

    Brian, you might want to ask Love about that foul called on him in the first four minutes. Love showed that he had, among his many other attributes, a devastating glare — oh if looks could kill — at the ref who blew the whistle. What ever happened to the the principle of no-harm-no-foul? Do refs really think they are serving the game of basketball by interrupting the play for ticky-tacky stuff?