Unfinished business

UCLA coach Ben Howland said the experience of losing to Florida the last two years in the Final Four should help the Bruins.
“The guys that returned from the previous couple of years have had that tough loss against Florida both times, and it was obviously very disappointing,” Howland said. “We were beat by a great team both years. Florida was just special.
“I think that the experience that the guys have played in those two (games) have gained, along with Russell (Westbrook) and James (Keefe), really helps this team.”

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  • doug4ucla

    (K) LOVE it: I get very tired of the guys on ESPN, CBS,and so on talk about UNC,Roy Boy(crybaby)and Tyler H and how great they are. That’s why we do not play games on PAPER.They have KU already written off if KU and UNC meet and I truly dislike KU. ANY FEEDBACK?

  • MaltBaa

    What is there to dislike about KU? Very respectable program and great fans. James Naismith coached there. Homeboy invented basketball. Dont be a hater.

  • doug4ucla

    I live in Kansas City area…believe me they are not the fans that you think they are but they are no afraid to tell how great they are. Look up the medium income of Johnson County, Kansas ($$$$$)most of the KU fans. Just ask one what they think about UCLA basketball, then cover your ears…..SMILE

  • Seitz

    Kansas fans are jerks. Every single one I’ve ever met. For a team that has two championships in it’s history, and none in the last 20 years, they’re very, very arrogant.

  • doug4ucla

    Thanks for the Backup Seitz. Are you from the Midwest? If you are, you know what I am talking about….

  • jetaway

    The real question here is Brian…what are you doing up at 3:20 AM writing on your blog! Get some sleep! You had a hard week already…and a busier one coming up!