Football update

Writers had a chance to meet with football coach Rick Neuheisel today, and here are a few of the more significant things:
He said developing a good tempo in spring practice “is a must,” and he said the biggest area of concern is the offensive line, especially since it is a position that incoming recruits usually do not make an impact at.
Neuheisel said he was excited about UCLA’s tight ends, saying “I have high, high hopes for that position.”
Tight end Adam Heater was moved to center.
Tight end Ryan Moya is back in school, and looks “outstanding,” according to Neuheisel.
Fullback Trevor Theriot is now on full scholarship.
As previously known, TB Kahlil Bell, DT Jess Ward and LB Josh Edwards will not take part in spring practice because of injuries.
TB Raymond Carter will take part only in non-padded drills.

  • CalPolyBruinFan

    Wow, big praise for Moya and the other tight-ends. Hopefully Chow doesn’t forget that we have TE on our roster like Norvell did.

  • hogsman

    Not that I liked Norvell’s play-calling, but Paulsen was not a reliable pass-catcher last year. Moya is a better offensive threat and should help improve the offense if he’s healthy and ready to play.