Impressed with Love

Add Xavier’s Sean Miller to the long list of opposing coaches who are amazed at what Kevin Love does, but Miller’s accolades came from the way Love plays defense and rebounds.
“We got one foul on Kevin Love in the first four minutes, and I got excited,” Miller said. “I think if we would have played 200 more minutes, he would not have picked his second foul up. He doesn’t foul.”
Of course, Love finished with three fouls in 33 minutes. He also had 19 points, 10 rebounds and for assists.

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Understanding oneself

UCLA allowed 58 points in the second half of the regional semifinal against Western Kentucky, then allowed 57 points total in beating Xavier to advance to the Final Four. The Musketeers shot 36.2 percent from the field, which is their second-worst total of the season, but it didn’t surprise Bruins guard Russell Westbrook.
“We are a defensive team,” Westbrook said. “That’s what we do to start off the game. I think we did a great job of that, guarding everybody, rotating real well, getting out in transition. It was real good for us.”

Experience matters

Xavier coach Sean Miller said he could tell UCLA is tested when it comes to Elite Eight games, and the Bruins’ talent level did hurt, either.
“They really at a way about them, as if they’d been there before” Miller said. “Very patient on ofense, don’t crack easily, don’t flinch. Really stick to what makes them good.”
Miller lauded the play of UCLA point guard Darren Collison and center Kevin Love.
“You appreciate (Collison) a lot more when you play against him (rather) than watching him on t.v.” Miller said. “At the end of the (shot) clock, he just is incredible. He can make a shot himself. He makes his teammates better. And he has that dagger ability. When they need it, bang, he delivers.
“And then Love, obviously, is that extra special player that maybe UCLA hasn’t had in the past that could be the difference for them now because everything really starts and stops with him. He is so mobile for a big guy. It amazes me, to see him run around like he does and not foul, and plays the minutes that he plays. Very unique.”

One more year?

UCLA fans chanted “one more year, one more year” to Bruins center Kevin Love, who joked the cheers could have been for any number of Bruins.
I’m just having fun now playing UCLA basketball, playing under coach (Ben) Howland with all my teammates,” Love said. “It feels great, but we have business to take care of next week.
“I’m not even thinking about the next level right now. I’m living in the now, living in the present so we can win these games next weekend.”

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All or nothing?

Here is the game story and notebook I wrote in today’s paper, and a column by Steve Dilbeck. Also, here is what UCLA coach Ben Howland said when asked if the season would be a disappointment if the Bruins did not win the national title.
“That would be very arrogant for me to ever suggest that if you go to a Final Four and don’t win it all, that it’s a failure,” he said. “I don’t buy that for a minute. This is a very difficult thing to do. I know it’s seemingly common place because it’s three times in a row.”