Enough already?

Is anyone else out there tired of listening to Memphis coach John Calipari whine about the lack of respect his team is getting? It seems every time he speaks publicly — conference call, radio interview or television interview — he is bemoaning the lack of respect his team is getting.
Here’s what he said about Memphis’ poor free throw shooting, and the media writing about how Memphis ranked 326th out of 328 heading into last week’s games.
”When all the pundits were picking us to lose like every game we played and focusing on one area of our basketball team, and focusing to the point of ridiculous, it just got to them a little bit,” Calipari said. “Now, I laugh about it, and say, ‘You know, youre helping us and if you want to continue to help us, keep doing it.’ ”

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  • alxandr

    During his interview last week before the sweet sixteen Calipari was interviewed by ESPNNEWS and he acted like a total (deleted) …aren’t there enough teams out there doing the “we don’t get any respect” line… every team at this point is getting picked apart, and the one thing your lacking will always be made into a bigger deal then it is..
    For Memphis is free throws, for UCLA it’s the lack of a consistent 3rd option, for Kansas it’s how they panicked while playing a VERY GOOD Davidson team, and for North Carolina, it’s for not having been to this stage with these players…

    I love UCLA’s chances with experience and toughness, as well as knowing how to win ugly…

    GO BRUINS!!!

  • I was just wondering whether Calapari’s schtick is playing outside of Memphis.

    Calapari tries to portray his team as a Cinderella team when it has been a top four team all year. Just everyone expected Memphis to be in the Final Four. So he repeats a lie trying to get some sort of motivation for his team – which he seems to believe doesn’t need any motivation because they are playing oustanding ball.

    Calapari seems rather transparent in his attempt to work the media and in the process trying to work the refs for the game. The umdercurrent of his message is something to the effect that everytime that Memphis is on O, the Bruins are going to foul Memphis and if refs don’t call it they are in UCLA’s pocket.

    I just hope that others in the media grow tired of his antics. I also hope the the refs simply don’t listen to his prattle.

  • HomeBruin

    Thank you Brian for voicing what I’ve been thinking all month. I’ve had enough of Calipari, not that I ever liked him. The funny thing is with all of his moaning he’s not really gaining any more respect for the team, he’s just making everyone hate him.

  • gubon13

    I’m of the opinion that a team has to be lacking something if it needs some manufactured motivation to succeed.

    I have respected Memphis all along, but that respect gets lessened every time Calipari runs his routine.

  • BruinGirl

    I’ver always found Calipari to be a goofball an his current behavior confirms that he’s not really ready for the big stage. Net of it all he has a veteran team (other than at point, where he has an AA) playing as good as it has played in decades in the Final Four. There are about 20 guys in Westwood who greatly respect this Tiger team, the entire Bruin squad and coaches, along with about every other basketball fan out there. The talking heads on ESPN count for nothing now or when the ball tips off on Saturday. Bruins intensity, experience, coaching and the ability to win the close games will be key in San Antonio.

    GO BRUINS!!!

  • drbruin

    I think Calipari should keep his trap shut until after the Final Four is over. If his team wins then they will have all the respect he can handle. Until then, John, please keep your thoughts to yourself and let the players settle this on the court.

  • SBBruin

    This comment just about says it all:

    “They’re great defensively. It’s body to body, mano-a-mano, you’re going to have some hands on your body, you’re going to drive and there are going to be two hands around your waist.”


    “Hey refs, please help us out here because we can’t beat them on our own.”

  • Bruinmo

    the more i watch this guy on tv give the same damn speech to different people on different shows, the more i see how fake and full of crap he is. He just doesn’t strike me as genuine. Seems like more of a politician than anything. granted all coaches play that role at times, but this guy needs to just give it a rest…

  • BRUINzor

    well, he has a point with me in that i didnt respect memphis and thought they play in a pozer league and picked them getting bounced early in the tourney in almost all my brackets. but the way theyre playing lately, what i got for them is some fear! im a lil scared but i have faith in our program… go bruinz!!

  • BradleyBruin

    Holy moly, they’re the overall #2 seed in the tournament, were ranked #1 for much of the year, they’re favored by Vegas to win against us. How much more respect to you need? Everyone at this point is getting picked apart by someone. I’m pissed that we’re not getting the respect we deserve from some outlets; get over it already! All the whining isn’t going to suddenly heap gobs of respect; only winning does that.

  • doug4ucla

    Calipari has been taking lessons from Crybaby Royboy…or maybe he wants to take the Crybaby CHAMPOINSHIP away from Royboy.Play the game and let the chips fall where they may. GO BRUINS

  • BruinNV

    Calamari = slimeball. He’s the type of sleazeball used-car salesman types that nobody trusts or likes. His coaching accomplishments are noteworthy but become tainted the more he whines and runs his mouth. That unfortunately gets passed onto his team by association although by and large most of their players seem like decent individuals with exception to Joey Dorsey who seems like a Dennis Rodman type. Ultimately, it is very easy to root against a jerk like him and hope that he fails.

  • BruinFaithful

    Funny Brian, sometimes I feel the same way about you.