Answers, Part VII

Some more questions came in, so I will do nine sets of answers. Here is the eight group:

Neuheisel and D Walker haven’t talked much about the incoming freshmen in their recent interviews. Are they against playing true freshmen or do they just want to wait until fall to examine them closer?
I dont think that has anything to do with it. The subject of many of the interviews now are spring practice, so why talk about guys that wont even be on campus for a few more months?

Neuheisel completely forogt to mention Terrence Austin while he was talking about the reciever depth. He even mentioned Turner, Graves, and Ketchum ahead of him. What’s up with that?
Maybe he didnt forget. I dont know. I would think Austin would be in the mix, but I didnt ask him if he forgot, or if he doesnt consider Austin to be in the same group as the other guys, and I dont assume anything.

what do u think about kevin love’s full court shot with ease:

It was well done, but I had seen it before. Its what he does all the time. It took him 25 or so tries to make it, which he joked afterward he was disappointed about because it usually goes in long before attempt No. 25.

do u think that “one and done” players may not be truly and wholeheartedly accepted and embraced as being a “bruin” by the bruin family? what do u think are the factors in this phenomenon? trevor ariza bailed after one year, and i dont consider him a true bruin, but maybe thats just me. what does bruin history show us?
Thats a good, and interesting question. I think it depends on the player. Ariza played for a really bad team, so there was no reason to celebrate his accomplishments. But Kevin Love is an All-American, and a dominant player. I think he will be remembered more, and if the Bruins win the national title, I think he will find a place in the hearts of UCLA fans.

This year is going to be pretty important to attract 4-5 olinemen to fill our roster. Is this a good year and what are a few names that are looking at UCLA??
Does Palcic have the abilty to recruit 5* players for the oline??
I dont know Palcics ability to recruit five-star linemen, nor do I care. I know at Wisconsin he had good offensive lines, and Im sure they werent all five-star players.

Are we in the running for Shaquelle Evans and what Jr’s will be attending spring ball?
Yes, UCLA has a chance for Evans. As for the juniors attending spring ball, by the time the 15 sessions are over, I think a hundred or more juniors will have taken in a practice, so Im not going to list them all.

Why are we not being more aggressive pursuing OL’s?
One thing Ive heard is recruiting has changed a bit since Neuheisel was last a head coach. At that time, jumping on kids early wasnt a big thing, and I believe that is something he needs to catch up on.

Are we going to run a pro-style offense with BO at QB?
It will be part pro-style, part West Coast, all Norm Chow.

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