Love and Collison

Predictably, UCLA center Kevin Love and point guard Darren Collison said they would wait to make a decision on their futures. Sources continue to tell me UCLA expects both to declare for the NBA draft.

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  • doug4ucla

    After tonight, you think that would be wise?

  • BruinFBBB


  • BruinNV

    What about Russell Westbrook? His NBA stock should go even higher after his performance today. I’d love to see him stay another season but it might make sense for him to test the waters.


    Well the Kansas-NC game just made me feel a little better!!! They just mentioned on the news that T. Hansbrough said he would stay in school till they won a National Championship, it’ll be interesting to see if he does indeed stay. I don’t think he’s ready for the NBA. He, like Love and Collison could all leave, but if Hansbrough stays, it sure would be nice if Our Bruins would follow suit!

  • BRUINzor

    KEVIN IF U LOVE UCLA YOU MUST STAY IN SCHOOL! if you stay the bruin nation will definitely embrace you forever. dont be one and done bro, youll always have that label.

  • doug4ucla

    This is not a slam on KL, he was everything advertised…but ONE AND DONE…..SEEMS SCHOOLS ARE SELLING OUT FOR THAT ONE KID FOR ONE YEAR….I am old school so forgive my hope not negative thought on staying in school to get a degree…I know in to days world it is very nieve to think that way…I went to school on a scholarship 35 years ago and it was the best experience I ever had…sorry for venting the FF was a bummer. GO BRUINS

  • aguacate

    The dialogue might be something like this:

    HOWLAND — Well, Kevin, we know that you have the ability to play in the NBA. They couldn’t draft you until you played one year of college ball. Okay, you’ve done that now and you’ve improved your game in your year with us. We were very pleased to have you on our team.

    LOVE — Thanks, Coach. I have enjoyed this year a lot. I’ve tried to savor every moment here at UCLA.

    HOWLAND — The problem you face, Kevin, is that at the next level it will be like playing against Memphis every night. You’ll not be able to get as many points and rebounds as you did in college ball.

    LOVE — Well, if I stayed another year, would it make a difference?

    HOWLAND — Another year would allow you to let your body mature, gain more strength, stamina, and speed. You need to be able to step out and consistently hit those shots that didn’t go down for you when Memphis clogged up the middle. Another year could mean the difference of being a backup sitting on some pro team’s bench and being the number one draft pick the following year and starting in the pros.

    LOVE — I haven’t accomplished what I set out to do when I came to UCLA this year. I think I’ll talk to Darren and see if he will stick around and help us get that national championship next year. An accomplishment like that is something that you treasure the rest of your life. I am not a quitter, Coach.