Mr. Positive

One thing that’s been very evident the first few days of practice is Rick Neuheisel’s adherence to the positive coaching alliance‘s school of thought. Basically, for every negative comment you make, you’re supposed to give two or three positive comments.

Throughout spring practice, everyone on the sidelines has noticed the effort he’s made to demonstrably praise players for coming up with good plays, or making good decisions. It’s not all the time or over-the-top. Just three or four times a practice, but it’s noticeable. And when he makes negative comments, he often pulls the player aside and tells him privately.

“If i’m going to be loud and demonstrative to make a point that’s negative, I’m going to be every bit as loud if not more so if I’m making a point that’s positive,” he said. “I’m huge on making sure people understand how much I appreciate their effort.”