Post scrimmage tidbits

Like I reported earlier, the decision is for Pat Cowan to be the No. 1 quarterback, and I spoke to coach Rick Neuheisel about it individually.
Were giving Pat the first chance, Neuheisel said. We havent made any decisions yet. Were just trying to see where it goes from there. If it gets to a position where we have to switch it over, then we have to switch it over.
I spoke to Cowan and Ben Olson about it as well, and Cowan said he was not focusing being on the No. 1 guy, and Olson said he was disappointed not to be given a chance to compete. I’ll have much more about it in Sunday’s paper.
As for other things, Neuheisel said he was pleased the offense was doing less thinking and more just playing. Offensive line remains a great concern.
As for as some players, he said the jury remains out as to whether Akeem Ayers will remain at linebacker or be shifted to defensive end. I’ll have some stats and stuff in a little while.
There were also a bunch of impressive underclassmen on campus today, as well as some of the incoming freshmen, including running back Aundre Dean, who is quite impressive physically.

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  • Tyler Durden

    “Olson said he was disappointed not to be given a chance to compete.”

    wow. just…wow.

    hasn’t dude been on the field all spring ball long?

    talk about a huge sense of entitlement…

  • Biff

    Neuheisel and Chow know what they’re doing but I sure wish they’d go with someone younger and look ahead a couple years. With the weakness at offensive line, which seems like something very hard to overcome, and with a very inexperienced group returning, this is likely to be a very rough year. I doubt if Cowan is going to take them to the promised land so I wish they’d take their lumps and look to the future.

  • RickBruin

    Brian, does Craft look like a serious challenge for the starting position?