Answers, Part IV

Here is the fourth set:

What is the latest on Ayers? Is it looking like he will remain at LB or make the switch to DE?
My pick is for him to start at linebacker with Kyle Bosworth and Reggie Carter. Right now, I think that is where he will wind up. If he falls back in training camp, he could go to defensive end, but that is not the plan right now.

do you feel we have any chance of getting an East coast QB like Murray or Newsome out here in ’09 this early in the new staffs tenure? Or is the offense going to have to prove itself first?
Murray is going to Georgia, and I think the offense will have to get more talent before a high-level QB prospect like that will take a chance on UCLA.

I haven’t heard Glen Love’s name mentioned much these days since he broke his thumb. Is he playing well in practice? Any chance of him supplanting Ware before the season starts at FS?
Love has played better the latter half of spring, but needs to be much more consistent. He has a chance to beat out Ware, but so do a few of the incoming freshmen.

I get the impression that Olson isn’t a very quick learner as a QB. he seems to take a long time to “get” something. His comments in the “notebook” support this take…
However, he’s been playing qb all his life, and has a ton of time “in the saddle.”
does Olson have what it takes “upstairs” to be successful in the P10?
Yes, he does. He is a very bright guy. I think hes been hurt by taking two years off, and poor coaching. I dont think he was given a shot to win the job this spring.

Is CLiff Harris going to be at the scrimmage? Any insight on an upcoming offer to him?
I dont know and I dont know. Ill check and see what I can find out.

Which players in particular look like they enjoy being at practice and love being on the football field?
Too vague a question. Im not going to list 50 to 70 guys.

What is the coaching staff’s take on how junior day went, and when does UCLA expect guys to commit?
The coaching staff, as I understand it, was pleased with how it went. I believe commitments will start coming in the next few weeks, and trickle in throughout the offseason.

Given that Westbrook “held” CDR to a measley 28 pts, do you think he could have done any better on Rose than DC did?
Douglas-Roberts is a tough matchup for Westbrook because of his size. I think Westbrook would have done a much better job on Rose.

Morrell Presley has publicly mentioned that he is worried about breaking starting lineup if he follows through on his commitment to USC and it is rumored that Randall Carroll has done the same privately.
Is UCLA now pursuing these recruits or do they not want to waste time on individuals who are seemingly afraid to compete?
UCLA is interested in them.

You described Cierre Wood’s commitment to Notre Dame as a “non-binding oral commitment,” aren’t they all until signing day?
Yes, they are. But not everyone knows that, so that is how I write it whenever it takes place.

Is ucla after Josh Harrellson (6’9 260 juco center)? If not, is CBH going to offer a juco or euro center or will he settle w/ the current 4 for 08?
From what Ive heard, there arent any JUCOs out there that fit UCLAs athletic and academic criteria. They are also scouring Europe, and everywhere else for that matter, for a big man.

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