Answers, Part V

Here is the fifth installment:

Your brother-in-arms Bill Plaschke wrote an article opining that Kevin Love has no legacy at UCLA.
My sense is that a guy’s “legacy” is determined by how well he does at the next level.
For example, Reggie Miller has a bigger “legacy” at UCLA than Jason Kapono (who?) or Don MacLean because he had a better pro career.
Same thing with Baron Davis. That, and he comes back and plays pick-up with the boys at the Men’s Gym.
Who do you think has more of a UCLA legacy: Kevin Love, Jason Kapono, Don MacLean, or Matt Barnes? And why?
Don MacLean, by far. He is the Pac-10s all-time leading scorer, and remains visible with the program.

when do Kevin, Russell and Luc begin individual workouts? Are any of them going to the combine?
They cannot begin workouts for teams until June 3. Love will go to Orlando to get measured and meet teams, but will not play, his dad said. Westbrook is still deciding what to do and I dont know yet if Mbah a Moute will be invited, or if he will attend if invited.

Anything new on Frank Ben-Eze??
At this time, not really.

What happened to the article from the Contra Costa Times about Cal versus UCLA special admits (special exceptions to admission standards)? I believe I breifly saw it posted, but I can no longer find it.
I have no idea. I didnt post it, and I didnt take it down.

Coach Walker said he feels good about nine positions and two that are up for grabs. Assuming those two spots are at WLB and FS where does that leave Moore and Hester this year? I thought they were going to have a great opportunity to beat out Norris and become the starter? Has coach Walker already decided to give that position to Norris?
No, all Walker said is that he feels good about the nine positions. If a freshman comes in and blows everyone away, he will get the nod. But if that does not happen, Walker feels good about the nine positions.

Cowan mentioned that the players would make up the practice time missed when the team went “over the wall”–does that mean the team will practice (without coaches) between Spring practice and the August training camp? As QB could he organize a practice with the offensive team to work on the new offense installed by Chow?
They do throwing a few times a week during the offseason and work on specific plays in 7-on-7 drills. There are also 7-on-7 drills against local junior colleges that allow the Bruins to practice without coaches. However, there is no way to make up for the missed day of practice.

I’ve heard that the FB team has 3 or 4 “voluntary” workouts a week during the summer, where they lift weights for 1.5 hours and then run for an hour or more. What have you heard?
And I’ve heard that they get together in the evenings at least twice a week to go 7on7. What have you heard? And I’ve heard that they will have 7on7 scrimmages with local JCs. What have you heard?
Yup. Its a standard deal at almost every Division I school in the nation. Nothing new there.

I’ve heard that this was the case under Dorrell. Under Toledo, I’ve heard that very little of this went on. (And it showed in 99, 2000, 2001, and 2002…ugh.) What have you heard?
It was lax under Toledo, but a common practice with Dorrell, once he got the players to commit after his first full season.

After seeing the wide receivers this spring how much of an impact do you think the incoming freshmen can have? It seems all three would be an upgrade talent wise (other than Austin and Johnson), so what’s your take on them? What does the coaching staff think of the impact they might have?
Marcus Everett will also be in the group with Austin and Johnson, and dont rule out Gavin Ketchum. I believe Jerry Johnson and Nelson Rosario have the ability to play right away, and from talking to the coaching staff, I get the sense they are expecting Rosario to contribute quickly. Again, though, when talking about freshmen making an immediate contribution, it is tough to count on it because of the variables related to getting acclimated to college.

Does Ben Olsen have a good relationship with the team? Is he a good “Locker Room Guy”?
There are no problems with Olson and the rest of the team. He isnt the rah-rah type of guy Cowan is, but I think that gets misconstrued too often.

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  • MoeBruins

    Totally agree with you on the first question. It is absurd to say that Baron Davis has a bigger legacy at UCLA then Don MacLean.

    I like Baron but what did he do at UCLA other then foul out in his one big tournament game with the game on the line and 5 minutes to go.

    Reggie’s legacy is bigger then Baron’s because he came into UCLA as Cheryl’s sister and became a star (not to mention leading us to our only NIT title).