More QB update

UCLA coach Rick Neuheisel said Ben Olson was leaning toward having the surgery to insert a screw into his foot, but wanted to speak with his family about it.
Neuheisel said if Patrick Cowan had reconstructive knee surgery, he would miss the 2008 season. He added there is a partial tear in the ACL, but the swelling made it difficult to tell whether surgery was needed, which is why UCLA is waiting for the swelling to go down before making the determination.
Neuheisel said the length of the spring game would not be altered because of the quarterback injuries, and that Kevin Craft, Chris Forcier and Osaar Rasshan would each get plenty of playing time.

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  • I’m Not Kidding

    The wheels have fallen off the bus, the tranny is about to go out, the oil’s 3 quarts low, and the gas gauge is almost on empty. Welcome to Westwood, Rich Neuheisel.

  • Charles O’Bannon

    I’m Not Kidding is quite the bard today.

  • BruinFaithful

    Are we really surprised? It’s reckoning time. These guys have had a history of this crap. This is indicative of a lack of conditioning and toughness. These guys need to step it up, neither have consistently. Seriously, who cares? Neither has proven to be a consistent leader or producer. I really wish we could morph these guys. It seems like PC has the heart and desire, but not the talent. While it seems like BO has the talent, but lacks the heart and desire. Either way you look at it, neither of these guys really has what is takes to get UCLA to the next level. They both lack the intangibles that are needed to make a QB successful at UCLA. Therefore, I say, let’s move on, let’s look towards the future. Each of these guys has suffered major injuries every single freaken year. These consistent injuries are not flukes. This is indicative of something else. Neither of these guys is that talented or well conditioned. For all his physical gifts, BO misses many of the intangibles. He looks like a great physical specimen, but is lacking in many other areas. Do you honestly think opposing defenses fear BO? I think not. Shoot, I feel like I could take him on. He looks like a robot, like somebody telegraphing plays. I think he’s lost it. I think he’s lost his competitive drive and desire, his chi. Let’s move on. It might be painful, but will ultimately be for the best in the end. I can’t take it anymore. BO an PC are both wrong for different reasons. At least I can respect PC for being a major over achiever. BO is a non performing weak High School phenom. Those days are over DO. You are freaken 24 now man. Time to re-evaluate and step it up. You will NEVER be a PRO talent or starter. Let’s all move on, PLEASE.