QB poll

In case you’re wondering who your fellow Bruins fans want to see at quarterback, JC transfer Kevin Craft is leading the poll at 43 percent.

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  • gubon13

    It’s very interesting because not long ago he was listed as “just behind” Olson.

    I’m not sure how good he is as I haven’t seen him play. (Sure miss living in LA and working right by campus so I could take my lunch and watch practices.) I think the underlying point here is that Bruins are ready for a change at the helm and he just happens to be the best candidate. I guess we wait and see…


    Uuuuh, no offense. But last bruin standing?

  • BruinAlumn 79

    Whoppie a whole 43 percent! 43 percent of what? under thrown mis- thrown balls with limited mobility. Has any of this 43 percent seen a spring practice? If Craft is at 43 percent than that 43 percent isn’t real observant or just don’t know what their talking about.

  • Charles O’Bannon


    The team’s in desperation mode, what do you want?

  • Johnny Angel

    Craft is going to do just as well or probably better than any of the other qbs behind a presently weak offensive line.

    The good news is that Chow has proven that his teams can put up points with an average line.

    Don’t worry. Be happy!!!