Stanback to transfer

Freshman Chace Stanback will transfer after the spring quarter. Here is the UCLA release:
What do you guys think?

Freshman Chace Stanback Will Not Return Next Season
The 6-foot-8-inch guard/forward will transfer after the spring quarter.

April 30, 2008

LOS ANGELES – UCLA men’s basketball head coach Ben Howland announced today that 6-foot-8-inch freshman guard/forward Chace Stanback will not be returning for next season. Stanback, a two-time state champion from Los Angeles’ Fairfax High School, will transfer to play his final years at another school.

Stanback, the 2007 California Division I Player of the Year, will leave UCLA after the spring quarter and hasn’t made a decision as to where he will transfer.

“Chace [Stanback] is an outstanding young man and we appreciate what he did for this program this past year,” Howland said. “He helped us win a Pac-10 championship and get to the Final Four and we will always be appreciative of his efforts. We are supportive of him and his future in whatever direction he decides to go.”

Stanback averaged 1.0 points and 0.7 rebounds per game while appearing in 25 of the 39 games without making a start during the 2007-08 season. He played in 144 minutes (5.8 minutes per game) while shooting 40.4 percent (19-for-47) from the field and 33.3 percent (7-for-21) from three-point range on the year.

“After speaking with my family and thinking about it for a long time, I feel that it is in my best interest to explore other opportunities,” Stanback said. “I want to thank my coaches and teammates because they have helped me improve as a player and grow as a man and I am thankful to them for that. I have a lot of great memories and really enjoyed my time here at UCLA.”

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  • gubon13

    It’s unfortunate to see him go, but I think he saw the writing on the wall.

  • Mikey Likes It!

    Okay Chase! Enough of the rah rah crap! Now tell us the real reasons you are transferring!

  • mindshed

    Shocked. Brian kept mentioning that someone was likely to transfer next year but I was thinking Keefe or Drago (obviously Keefe is in a better situation now that he stuck it out, with Mata, Love, and possibly LRMAM and Aboya gone). At 6’8 with guard skills I thought he could really break out next year, despite playing behind collison and jrue, since we will likely utilize a 3 guard, or possibly 4 guard (!) lineup next year.

  • Bruin_Bry

    I hope these incoming freshmans can work wonders b/c we’re looking more depleted than I’d imagine.

  • ScottBruin19

    I think Chace is an arrogant, immature kid that never bought into Howland and his teachings. If he wants to transfer, I say good riddance.

    He’s the type of player Lute loves over at Arizona: athletic but undisciplined and immature.

  • MontanaBruin

    He always seemed miffed that he was not playing more and seemed somewhat selfish when on the court. I’m not sure he bought into BH’s defensive intensity. Maybe wrong–just an observation during games and on TV.

  • Quinn

    that hurts. We were going to need him this year.

  • Mikey Likes It!

    Okay Chace! Enough of the rah rah crap! Now tell us your real reasons for transferring!

  • Charles O’Bannon

    Let’s face it, all allusions tradition and commitment to the program went out the window when the school allowed mercenaries like Kevin Love into the program. They turned our once-great program into no more than a stepping stone for professional businessmen.

    Don’t let the door hit your backside when you walk out the door. And take anyone who doesn’t want to give the school at least a three year commitment. In return for the hard work and effort it takes to help them develop into a better athlete as well as adult, that’s the least they can do.

  • jetaway

    wow…some angry and jaded Bruins on here.

    This is actually a good thing that he is leaving (for UCLA and for Chase). I met him at the UCLA banquet…he is a nice kid.

    He came to UCLA as a Hotshot LA city player of the year, perhaps thinking he could play right away. We all thought that. But everyone saw that he lack the defensive skill to play the BH’s system.

    He got along with the other team members and always worked hard…but this just did not work out for him or for UCLA.

    Based on his play this year…I expect him to transfer and play a conference like the WAC or West Coast. (maybe Oregon State). He will learn and improve in another setting where he can get playing time!

    Come on people…would YOU want to…potentially sit on the bench most of your college career if you we the LA city POY? I would not. But obviously he has to bulk up, find a go to shot, and learn to play defense. He is not going to improve sitting on the bench behind Keefe and Dragovich, Luc, Roll, and Gordon next few years.

    Once again…put yourself in his shoe…would you stay at UCLA?

    He came to UCLA in good faith…He wanted to be a Bruin…But things just did not work out.

    Perhaps you guys should question the scouting of the UCLA coaches for even bringing him in!?

  • Fan4Life

    Some very ugly comments. More sad that anything Chace did or did not do.

  • jp

    jeez.. calling K.Love a mercenary is a little harsh. He was embraced by his teammates and the coaching staff, and always played totally under CBH’s system. He was much of a student athlete as the rest of the team… we cannot blame him for being good enough to earn guaranteed millions of dollars in the NBA after one year, and at least he’s leaving under way better circumstances than Davon Jefferson, who for the uninformed, is so desperate to get out of ‘SC that he doesn’t care that he’s projected to be picked in the second round (no guaranteed contract).

  • miltk


    I believe Dohn was asked pointedly whether it was Chace who would transfer, and Brian said no. Of course that leaves open the ORIGINAL player of whom Brian was refering.

  • johnnya

    Chase seems like a fine young man, I wish him well wherever he ends up at.

  • ucla2k3


    Brian Dohn has mentioned a number of times throughout the basketball season that a player will be asked to transfer if the scholarship situtation becomes untenable. This looks to be it. However, Stanback’s transfer means that one scholarship will be available for next season. Is there a 5th recruit that Howland has secured for next year’s class that we don’t know about or is there a growing possibility that Kevin Love will return for his sophomore season and thus Howland is taking steps to ensure that Love has a scholarship should he decide to pull his name from the NBA draft? What can you find out? I suspect there is more to this story than just a transfer. Thanks!

  • ScottBruin19

    > Come on people…would YOU want to…potentially sit on the bench most of your college career if you we the LA city POY? I would not. But obviously he has to bulk up, find a go to shot, and learn to play defense. He is not going to improve sitting on the bench behind Keefe and Dragovich, Luc, Roll, and Gordon next few years.

    No, I wouldn’t. But finding a shot, bulking up, and learning to play defense doesn’t happen in games, that happens in practice and with hard work. He’s more athletic and skilled than both Luc and Roll, probably. He just needed to get the time, which comes from hard work. This was the easy way out, seems to me.

  • BigKahuna

    Imagine getting a free ride to get an education at one of the most prestigious universities in the world but you decide to cast it away because you don’t get to play enough in basketball games.

    But, alas, the great education at one of the most prestigious universities in the world isn’t why this young man went to UCLA, was it?

  • Mario DiLeo

    “…school allowed mercenaries like Kevin Love into the program..” You mean like Alfred Aboya who is using his degree from UCLA to get a real (read: non-athletic) job? The message here is that Stanback just didn’t buy into this whole dee-fense thing and is looking for a place where he can run-n-gun…Good night, Chace, we’ll see you on ESPN2 when they start the new season of And-One… Say, whatever happened to Omma Givens, Corey Gaines, Marquis Burns and the others who left the Bruins for greener pastures?

  • BW

    Didn’t Corey Gaines actually got drafted and played in NBA after he transferred to LMU?

  • miltk


    Dohn wasn’t refering to Chace because someone asked if Chace was the player, and Dohn responded no, iirc.

  • Johnny Angel

    This is sad news and a bad sign for the program.

    The Bruins need offensively skilled players to get over the hump. Losing a player like Stanback is evidence that BH is too rigid in his adherence to a failing system.

  • Biff

    These guys dont get it. Play basketball at UCLA and Howland will turn you into a much better player, get great national exposure from a deep run into the NCAA tournament and a chance for a free world class education but you might actually have a coach demanding hard work from you and, heaven forbid, yelling at you to get you to improve. These guys have had everyone telling them how great they are since they were little kids and they expect to be bowed down to and allowed to run and gun and do whatever they want. Lavin seemed to run things that way and we all know how that turned out. I feel sorry for Howland because he is a great coach working with a bunch of guys who live in fantasyland. Maybe he needs to adjust to the times and loosen up a little but I doubt if Wooden or Knight would have. Too bad Stanback is leaving because Howland would have turned him into a real player. I heard Shipp is blaming his lost shot on the fact Howland made him put on 25 pounds of muscle and that it is very unlikely he will be coming back. Hello Europe.

  • BRUINzor

    dunno too much of the kid except that he looked like a kid! i was always pulling for the guy. too bad it didnt work out for him in westwood. i have a feeling tho that he was “asked” to leave. wherez the inside scoop on this story? brian? jill? ramona? bueller? bueller? bueller?

  • la-ukla

    We’ve been hearing for months from Dohn how a certain mystery player might be asked to transfer in order to free up a scholoarship. It just seems weird to me that Stanback is deciding to leave now, with all the other guys possibly leaving, thereby giving him the possibility to play significantly more minutes next season. Weird, and I too would like to know the REAL story behind this. Also, what’s the scoop on the floating gossip that the players don’t like Coach Howland? I’ve been hearing that for a while now.

  • jp

    i honestly don’t think it was howland who drove stanback out. We only needed one to get drafted/transfer to break even, and one more if we plan to sign another big guy. With love, westbrook, and aboya likely gone, and stanback for sure gone, we’ll have at least 2 extra now.

    and from what i hear, the players love howland. They might not always like his playing style (no one really wants to play defense 24/7), but they love results.