Keyes and Horton

Keyes said he stayed in constant contact with his friend, and former teammate, Chris Horton, who was selected in the seventh round by Washington.

“We talked the whole weekend,” Keyes said. “I’m really happy for him that he got drafted. I thought he and I were one of the top safety combinations in the country. And I know we’re going to prove it when we get our opportunity.”
–This was from Ramona Shelburne.

A few things

Today is the day the Daily News is changing over to a different blog server. It is supposed to happen in the afternoon, but we shall see. It is being done because the blogs are so popular, they outgrew the old server’s capacity to handle the traffic.
I am told the changes for the readers will be negligible, but it will be much better for us to post entries. Again, we shall see.
As part of the changeover, readers will not be able to post comments immediately. That should happen later in the week. Please be patient about this.
Also, I am now heading on vacation for a few weeks after the long haul of football and basketball season, so Jill Painter will be handling UCLA, and the blog, for the next three weeks or so, and Ramona Shelburne will be chipping in. The Q&A’s will return in late May.
If there are any questions, especially regarding the inability to post a comment, please email Jill at Thanks, and see you folks in a couple of weeks.

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Prince time

Here is the story I wrote in today’s paper about UCLA’s coaches speaking with Crespi High of Encino quarterback Kevin Prince entering school early because of the quarterback situation.
Prince said the topic never came up until Patrick Cowan’s ACL injury was diagnosed Friday. Ben Olson is out for two months with a broken foot.
“They hadn’t talked about it, but I guess it came up because of what happened to Pat and Ben,” Prince said. “If I decide to come in early, I would make the decision soon.”