And More Morgan

Let me preface this post by saying in the world of blogging, new information becomes available by the hour, and sometimes there isn’t a seamless meshing with something reported earlier.
That said, I bring you another update from J’mison Morgan’s South Oak Cliff (Dallas) High basketball coach, James Mays, who said the target date for an announcement is Friday, but it may wait until Monday.
“It’s scheduled for tomorrow around 12 o’clock,” Mays said. “He had some things going on today, which is why it was delayed.”
So what happened to AAU coach Jazzy Hartwell saying the press conference would be Monday?
“He’s got some stuff (senior awards for graduation) going on tomorrow, but we’re going to try and do it right after the senior awards program,” Mays said. “There’s a chance (it could be pushed to Monday), but we’re shooting for tomorrow.”
So, is he still going to choose UCLA?
“At this point, yes, he is,” said Mays, who added he spoke with Morgan in the last 14 hours about the change.

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  • Anonymous

    Maybe he and his mother showed up and thought that there weren’t enough TV cameras and reporters in the room?

  • Biff


  • Jeff Lebowski

    This dude seems flaky.

  • mhBruin

    Why is it flaky to be busy. Folks seem way too eager to make conclusions about kids based on the very sketchiest of information.