Carroll and UCLA

One thing I continually hear as I talked to various sources is USC commit Randall Carroll, a receiver at Los Angeles Cathedral, continues to be interested in UCLA. Although he remains committed to USC, several people I spoke to this week said UCLA is highly involved in the process.

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  • Charles O’Bannon

    According to scout, he’s been listed as a soft commit to the Trojans since mid September 2007. It’s probably safe to say he’s unsure of where he’d fit in with their program and fair game to any of the schools looking at him. Maybe he’s waiting to see how the UCLA quarterback situation shakes out.

    In my opinion, the guys who seem to flip-flop with their commitments are more trouble than they’re worth.

    So what if he switches to UCLA? They’ll just have to spend a ridiculous amount of time placating him so he won’t switch somewhere else again.

    I’d focus on the other WR’s available like Shaquelle Evans.