Answers, Part I

The volume of questions I received this week are what I expected when I returned from vacation last week. There were lots and lots of them, so I thank you for it.
That said, let’s get right to the questions. Here is the first set of what I anticipate will be at least 10 sets of answers:

In your opinion who has a better chance of signing Stepheson, ucla or sc and why? Are there any other schools in the mix that you know of?
When all is said and done, I believe he winds up at UCLA. From what I understand, the Bruins are the leader. He has visited UCLA and USC, and a decision could come within the next week. I’ve heard California and Arizona State mentioned, but I believe he winds up a UCLA.

Who will be starting starting QB at the beginning of the season?
Got me, but UCLA coach Rick Neuheisel told me recently Ben Olson was the No. 1 quarterback going into August training camp. But, as we saw in the spring, injuries or performance could change that scenario.

When can we expect to see the conceptual drawings for the renovation of Pauley Pavilion?
Who the heck knows? My understanding is UCLA wants to begin the public aspect of the fundraising campaign in the fall, and at that time I would suspect some type of drawings to be out, but UCLA may choose to keep the drawing in-house while trying to raise money.

Assuming that UCLA has the inside track on landing JC O-lineman Donovan Edwards, who is the next O-lineman you see committing to UCLA?
I really dislike these guessing games because things change so much. If I had to take a stab at it, I’d say Michael Philipp.

What do you predict will be the preseason ranking of the Men’s Basketball team?
First, can you tell me who is going to be back? Operating under the ideas that Luc Richard Mbah a Moute and Alfred Aboya is back, and J’mison Morgan does, indeed, attend UCLA, they will probably be top 5, maybe top 3. If Mbah a Moute and Aboya leave, I think UCLA will be around No. 8.

Were the Neuheisels able to find a house near the campus or will Coach be a super commuter like Karl Dorrell who had to drive to Westwood from his home in Simi Valley?
From my last conversation with coach Neuheisel, the family is yet to settle on a house. But I do not believe they will live far from campus. (And Dorrell lived in Santa Clarita.)

Do you know if it was Chow or Neuheisal that made the final call on Brehaut-Nunes? Any idea which one Chow wanted after he visited the two or did he like both well enough he let Coach Neu decide?
Eventually, like all decisions, it is Neuheisel who made the call. And it was made after he saw Brehaut perform in Santa Barbara. But he and Chow were together on it, and both liked Brehaut.

Who are (the three) players that are planning on transferring from the football team? (I probably won’t get an answer, but I thought I’d try)
Two things:
1) I don’t wish to list the names of players considering a transfer at this point because it is still up in the air.
2) I never wrote three players were planning to transfer. I wrote “there could be a player (or three) leaving the program after the spring quarter.” This is a huge, huge, huge pet peeve of mine. I hate being taken out of context, and, to me, there is a big difference between writing a player is “planning” transfer and “could” transfer. One says a decision is already reached, and says a decision is looming.
Not to pick on you, but this is what drives me nuts about the internet, and in all honesty, the journalism profession in its current state. Something gets written, someone else changes the meaning and before you know it, a different story is out because the facts are distorted.

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