Answers, Part II

Here is the second set:

Is there any chance Lanis would reconsider his medical retirement? Is that even possible? I feel like, if you added Lanis back into the mix with this Edwards kid, we might actually have a decent OL next year. Also, can you tell us what you know about Edwards? What are the chances of him committing to UCLA and if he does, do you think he would start?
This is a good topic, in my opinion. I don’t think there is a chance of Lanis returning because he was set with his decision. Injuries played a huge role in his decision, but he’s now a father and married, so he has some other things to consider as well, and he wants to look out for his family. He is a very bright kid who will do well in business, and he lost part of his hunger to play football.
As for Edwards, I think there is a great chance he will commit, but I do not see him as being the starter. At least, not right away. He will be behind the other tackles when it comes to practice time because of the spring. I think Sean Sheller and Micah Kia will remain the starters, but Edwards would provide much needed depth.

There are still a few recruits from out of state that Ben Howland has offered for the 2009 year. Do you know if any of these are seriously considering the Bruins?
From several of my sources, I think UCLA will need to come-from-behind with the out-of-state kids for 2009. It can happen, but right now the odds aren’t in UCLA’s favor.

Do you see any liklihood that Dragovic will get significant playing time this coming basketball season?
If there are some injuries, or if Luc Richard Mbah a Moute does not return, than I think there is a possibility of it. But I don’t see Dragovic playing that much.

It appears a lot of big programs are interested in Edwards. Did he go to DVCC because of grades or did he become a significantly better player than was expected from him out of highschool? Does UCLA have a leg up on the other schools, since it appears it is the only school that will let him play now?
From talking to Edwards, he said he didn’t have any Division I offers coming out of high school so he went the JUCO way. I don’t know how much better he is now than as a high school senior because I haven’t found anyone that saw him as a senior. But UCLA has a huge leg up on Edwards, mostly because it remains the only school that has offered Edwards for the upcoming season. Every other school wants him to come in January.

With his size and athletic ability, why is it that Morgan averaged only a shade over 13 points a game? Can we expect him to provide any offensive threat in the post?
I’ve never seen him play, but in talking to people I trust, they said his offensive skills still need to be developed, but that he has a nose for rebounding and blocking shots.

If hypothetically someone looked just at our offensive line this upcoming season, what school would they think they were watching? Would it still be a BCS conference team or are we talking MAC/Mountain West?
Interesting question. I get the idea behind it, but it is hard for me to judge. I would say a mid-Mountain West team would be right. Now, if injuries occur and the second-team guys are forced to play a lot, the Bruins are in trouble because the talent level is significant between the first and second offensive lines.

do you think Luc will remain in the draft or return for his senior season? how did he perform in the Orland pre-draft camp? do you think Luc’s decision to stay or go is impacting Stephenson’s decision to transfer to UCLA?
Geez, right now I would say he comes back, but that could change in the next two weeks because workouts with individual teams take place. I keep hearing different things, and right now I don’t even think UCLA knows what he will do. I heard his athleticism stood out and teams were impressed with his defense, but the shooting remains the biggest drawback.
As for his decision impacting Stepheson, I don’t see it because several people I spoke with believe Stepheson will have to sit a year under the transfer rule, so Mbah a Moute would be gone by then anyway.

What are you hearing from those people you know around football about the Nunes Brehaut battle? Does everyone perfer Brehaut over Nunes?
From what I’ve heard, the two most important people (coach Rick Neuheisel and offensive coordinator Norm Chow) wanted Brehaut, so that is all that matters. In talking to others, there is some split, but I found the majority sided with Brehaut.

What are the chances that Stepheson is able to play next year and how much does that weigh on his choice of where to go? How long does it normally take the NCAA to make a ruling? More importantly, is Stepheson even asking for a waiver?
From what I’ve heard, I don’t think the chances are very good. I don’t think there is a uniform timetable on making a decision by the NCAA, and I believe the family will request the waiver, because the worst that can happen is it will be turned down.

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