Answers, Part III

Before getting to the third set of questions (and there are 10 sets), just wanted to let you folks know to give a lookout Monday for a special video segment I’m preparing (ok, my wife is doing it since I’m technologically inept) for the blog. I don’t want to give away too much, but I think everyone will enjoy it.
(Yes, this is a classic tease, but at least it could perk up your Monday).
Now, here is the third installment:

Does it seem like we have too many above average QB’s for the next few years. Wont they be unhappy about playing time…etc..? Kevin Craft, Kevin Prince, Chris Forcier, Nick Crissman and Richard Brehau all seem like they could each be a star a D1 school.
Well, I’d like at least one of them to take a snap in a Division I college game before I anoint them a star. Second, if UCLA was so sold on Craft and Forcier, who needs to add some serious muscle, I don’t think there would be such a push to have Prince enroll earlier than planned. From my sources, Crissman and Prince are the most likely candidates to be really good college players.

Do you know the reason Roll left UCSB to go to UCLA? It would seem like he could be a star at UCSB, and not just a roll player like he is at UCLA?
He wanted to play at a higher profile school. And when he backed out of his commitment to UCSB to go to UCLA, he wasn’t doing it so he could be a 15 minute a game player with the Bruins throughout his career.

When does the early signing period for basketball begin/end for 2009 class? My understanding is that the top prospects for 2009 will typically sign during the early signing period…
Early November, before the high school season begins.

Has there been any talk about uniform changes??
There is always talk about things like that, but nothing is planned, that I know about. And I asked last week.

Where do we stand on the following football recruits:
Shaquelle Evans
Randall Carroll (Will be leave USC for UCLA)
Manti Teo
Michael Phillipp
Evans really likes UCLA, and I think he winds up there. Carroll, I believe, will remain at USC, unless the Trojans decide they don’t want him. Te’o I think ends up somewhere else and I believe Philipp goes to UCLA. In each case, UCLA is working hard on the player and has offered each one.

Is Coach Palacic making strong inroads with the OL recruits? What is your take on why we’ve not offered many OL prospects?
He is making in-roads with some OL prospects, and as far as not offering many, I don’t have the same information. In fact, last week I was told UCLA had offers out to 15 offensive linemen.

With at least 6 basketball scholarships open after next year, and possibly more, are you surprised that there has only been one verbal commit to date (Nelson)?
Who are the six available after next season. I have Josh Shipp and Darren Collison. Nothing is known yet about Alfred Aboya and Luc Richard Mbah a Moute, and Michael Roll red-shirted so will be a junior.

Is the staff still evaluating and is thus unsure who to offer, or have the recruits just not jumped at the offers yet? Do you sense any concern among the staff that too many of the top prospects will be snatched up early by other schools?
As far as offers being out there, UCLA has a handful of them out there, but they are all with high-level guys not ready to make decisions. I don’t get the sense there is much concern from the staff that UCLA will miss out on all the top prospects.

Do you think Howland will be reluctant to bring in another pg in the class of 2009? We will lose Collison and potentially Holiday, and I just hope that the staff will offer one even if they might fear it will scare off the comitted Kendall Williams in 2010. Do you know any pg prospects UCLA is interested in, or will they focus more on combo guards in 2009?
Keep an eye on Nevada high school product Elijah Johnson. If UCLA can get a great player, I don’t see them passing because of a 2010 commit.

Where are we in the recruitment of Lance Stephenson, Renardo Sidney, and Stover? Any shot Stephenson and Sidney get offers?
It is all in the evaluation stages, and that means with off the court factors as well as what takes place on the court.

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  • Anonymous

    Interesting, the USC blog seems to think Randall Carroll with switch to UCLA.

  • phil fischer

    per espn lance stephenson has narrowed choices down to ucla ,usc, and kansas .what have you heard?

  • Andrew


    In your question about the six scholarship players I was a little off because of Roll. However, for the upcoming season we have 12 scholarship players (Anderson, Lee, Gordon, Holiday, Morgan, Dragovic, Keefe, Roll, Collison, Aboya, Luc, Shipp). Whether Aboya and Luc leave now or after this year does not matter for our scholarship count next year. So you add the one we have this year with the 4 seniors-to-be and you have 5 available scholarships for next year’s class. Maybe Holiday leaves early as well.


    Maybe you’re not counting chickens (which is a good idea), but we’ll only have 4 available scholarships next year if Stepheson comes this year.


    Not true regarding Carroll and the SC blog. I just checked it at around 2:00 p.m. and the voting on where Trojans think Carroll will be going is as follows:

    SC 66%
    ucla 26%
    Other 8%

    711 people had voted.

    Not that what the masses agree upon means anthing, but just setting the record straight. Personally, I think Carroll bolts for ucla where he could be a star.