Answers, Part IX

Here is the ninth set:

Didn’t Ben Howland say something a few months ago about Kevin Love promising not to drop out of classes in mid-quarter? Does Love’s withdrawal affect the team’s willingness to recruit another one-and-done player in the future?
I don’t recall Howland talking about any promises with Love and remaining in school. As far as the one-and-done thing, no way. It’s all about winning basketball games, and academics is a far second. Anyone that says anything different isn’t being honest. If so, coaches wouldn’t get fired for poor records if they were graduating players, as did Karl Dorrell.

Has Russell Westbrook dropped out too?
I don’t believe he is attending classes.

Adam Heater, the former tight end, is now listed on the latest depth chart as a woefully undersized 246 pound center. Does the coaching staff truly believe that Heater can grow into an effective interior lineman, or is it simply a situation where someone may be needed at center for the scout team?
Someone needed to be a center for the scout team, and Heater had no future at tight end. The hope is Heater can develop into a usable backup for 2009.

With all the QB talk you don’t hear much about the RBs, how do they look?
In terms of whom and what? Kahlil Bell still isn’t cleared for all running and Raymond Carter is coming along nicely, but there is no practice going on and 7-on-7s won’t begin for another month.

You said that Kevin Prince was a huge hit at the event in Santa Barbara this pass weekend and that talking to a few people about Prince’s performance, they said he looked the best out of the quarterbacks in attendance. Do you know if Matt Barkley was there?
I do not know if Barkley was there. Sorry. I will try to find out.

Will Nicola Dragovic go back to Europe for the summer or play around UCLA or the summer league working on his game?
Last I heard he was going to stay here, but I will check and hopefully get back to you this week.

How is Mike Roll’s foot and should he be fully ready by next season?
I answered it before but will give a quick synopsis. He is still having some trouble, and it is undetermined if he will be ready for next season.

Norm Chow recently visited Hawaii to meet some of the local kids. What have you heard about UCLA’s recruitment of Punahou LB Manti Te`o? Besides Te`o and Kapolei OT Stan Hasiak, is UCLA looking at other kids from Hawaii for the 2009 class?
Not sure if Te’o is that interested in UCLA, but I am told Hasiak is high on UCLA. The coaching staff is also monitoring running back Dalton Hilliard, who was being recruited by the last staff as well.

I missed Stan Love’s statement about UCLA’s supposed failure to live up to its recruiting promises. What were his complaints?
He basically said UCLA coach Ben Howland misrepresented things during the recruiting process. Stan’s comments dealt with Howland telling the family every offensive possession would go through Kevin, and Kevin would have to beg to come out of games because he would log so many minutes.

What were some of the factors for offer Richard Brehaut a football scholarship over Josh Nunes? I trust our current coaches on picking a QB, but just wondering.
The coaching staff liked Brehaut better. It is fairly simple.

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  • barrya

    I believe it has been reported that Barkley WAS there

  • Mike

    Russell Westbrook IS attending classes