Answers, Part V

Here is the fifth set:

Reggie Stokes was listed as second string righr defensive end on the depth chart released after spring practice. Do you think he has improved sufficiently to make a contribution this year?
In my discussions with defensive coordinator DeWayne Walker, he said Stokes had improved to the point he would get playing time this season.

How about Jeff Miller and David Carter who are listed as third string defensive tackles?
Not as likely with either of them, especially given UCLA’s depth at defensive tackle.

Diane Pucin published a story in the Times this week about the preparation that Love was doing to get ready for NBA evaluations. The story begs for a question about whether that kind of dieting and training should be part of the college program and not something that has to be done after the athlete leaves school?
Neither the time nor the money is available to do that at the college level. NCAA rules prohibit such special treatment be given to the players. You’re talking about spending $4,000 to $6,000 for a few months of training, not to mention training for six hours (minimum) a day.

Akeem Ayers is listed as second string SLB on the latest depth chart behind John Hale. You have mentioned that the coaching staff thinks highly of Ayers. Do you think he will wind up as the starter at that position by the start of the season?
No, actually I think Josh Edwards will be the starter. He missed spring practice with a jaw/orbital bone injury, but should be back for training camp. I think Ayers will be Edwards’ backup, and Hale will backup Kyle Bosworth at strong side linebacker.

who do you see as the next verbal for ucla’s basketball team? and when do you think that will happen?
I think it will be UNC transfer Alex Stepheson, and it will happen within the next week, maybe sooner.

Seems the coaches are favoring Kevin Prince over Nick Crissman at least that is the perception I get. Do you think the coaches would have acted in the same way if Nick and Kevin’s situations were reversed i.e. asked Nick to enroll in the summer instead of asking him to greyshirt?
Without question I think the reaction would be the same. I think the perception is a little distorted because it has been known for a long time Crissman was coming this summer, but Prince’s situation is changing, so there is news to be written about. I think the reason Prince is coming in is because UCLA is worried about its quarterback depth.

I read in the LAT that Kevin Love will spend around 6K from training to meals to the trip to Orlando in getting ready for the draft. Similarly, Luc will spend around 4 to 6K in his preparation as well even though he has thoughts of returning to UCLA. Should it be surprising that Luc has that money to spend? Does being a Prince mean Luc is loaded?
I’m not surprised Luc has the money. I didn’t ask him, but some type of loan is available, plus, while I don’t think his family is sitting atop mounds of money with nothing to spend it on, I am told they are doing quite well financially.

What effect do you think Stan Love’s trashing of Ben Howland’s reputation as a man of integrity and as a coach will have on Ucla recruiting in 09 and beyond? (Stan basically said that BH lied to Kevin and him about how KL would be used at Ucla, and implied that BH was a bad coach for not utilizing KL more/better.)
None. Most of the recruits will never hear about it, and if they do, UCLA’s staff will be able to shape its own image of Howland through numerous conversations with each player. Plus, Howland will have in-home visits and face-to-face meetings. And it didn’t keep J’mison Morgan from committing to UCLA.
And as far as the coaching is concerned, Howland is producing first-round players and taking his teams to the Final Four regularly. I think it comes across more as an overzealous parent.

do you think players will notice that BH has never had a player score 20+ ppg over a season? will that track record fly in the half and dash era?
I don’t think people care. How many players at BCS schools average 20 points a game?

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  • Anonymous

    I still don’t buy that Stan Love was trashing Ben Howland. It that same sentence he said he appreciated all the things Ben Howland and the program did for his son, and if I remember correctly, called him a great coach as well. He was trying to sell is son by saying Kevin’s a lot better than he showed at UCLA, and what parent doesn’t wish their son would play 40 mins/game shooting 90% of the shots?