Answers, Part VI

Here is the sixth grouping:

do you think Kevin Love purposely stuck it to Ucla in the APR b/c BH didn’t get him the ball more? or is Love just a user who doesn’t care about honoring commitments/keeping his word?
I don’t think it is either of those things. He planned on attending classes, and was publicly urged to do so by Howland, but as the process continued, he became overwhelmed with all the work and decided to drop out.

do you think his shabby treatment of Ucla will hurt his endorsement chances?
I don’t think he treated UCLA poorly, at all.

how closely did bobo morgan look at kansas? coming off an NC with a system that gets its bigs a lot of dunks off of slip screens, and the success that Dallas native Dorrell Arthur had v memphis (20 and 12 was it?) compared to Love, it would seem a good fit. was KU not interested?
Kansas was interested, but I’m not sure the Jayhawks scholarship situation was settled. Plus, Morgan wants the media spotlight he can get by playing at UCLA.

Franke Valle or Frank Sinatra?
Sinatra, by a landslide

Besides Pauley and baseball stadium, can you elaborate on what’s the most pressing facilities concerns with UCLA athletics? And what is being done about it?
At this juncture, those are the two biggest things going on, and much of the focus in fundraising and planning is taking place there.

why do people ask you so many impossible to answer questions? is there a drinking game involed? Some kind of lottery? “Stump the Dohn”….where can I sign up? could Neu get arrested if he plays?
It’s all part of the joy of interaction. I try to filter through the nonsensical garbage, but I guess people love to deal in the “what if” world.

Who do you think will be favored in the UCLA/ Tennessee game on Labor Day? What would you guess would be the point spread?
I think Tennessee will be favored (although right now I give UCLA a great chance to win) by 5 points.

What do you anticipate this upcoming season for Chow’s offense? In it’s first year is it unrealistic to expect UCLA to move the ball more effectively than they did in Dorrell’s WCO fifth year?
Ummm, Dorrell’s offense moved the ball in the fifth year? Seriously, though, I think Chow’s offense will be conservative as he gives the defense the chance to win games and makes sure the offense doesn’t lose the game. I think the play-calling will be creative, but conservative, especially since quarterback Ben Olson lacks mobility.

What has been the coaching staff’s reaction to Stan Love’s recent negative comments?
I haven’t talked to them about it, but my understanding is there is a lack of understanding where it is coming from since Kevin was a first-team all-American and the Pac-10 player of the year.

Since Morgan is not signing a LOI does his presence count as a one scholarship being used during his freshman season?
Yes, because as soon as he attends a class, he is on scholarship.

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  • Tyler Durden

    thx, brian, for the answers to my questions, they make a lot of sense.

    re: Ucla, kansas and spotlight: ku was on espn about a billion times last yr…thats nationwide. Ucla has that lousy FSN deal…nobody sees Ucla games outside of LA.

    and its not like bigs get endorsement deals anymore…they don’t. jump shooters get the shoe deals.

    another thing: if a kid is on the take in LA, someone invariably drops the dime on him (deshaun foster, bush, payo). at ku….they keep it on the DL….why run the risk?

  • Anonymous

    how about, not going on the take?

    and who’s to say if he’s on the take at KSU, he won’t get caught there.

    Jeez. It’s not like UCLA is such a bad choice. Final fours and Pac-10 championships do mean something ya know.