Answers, Part VII

Here is the seventh set:

How does Luc work out 4 or 5 hours per day in Compton in addition to studying and keeping up with classes?
I asked him that, and he said he is taking classes where all he has to do is take a mid-term (or write a paper) and take the final. He said he isn’t going to class much these days. (And he is training in Carson.)

I saw this as a comment on one of your posts and wanted to make sure it got answered. It was posted annonimously:
When does Luc go to his classes? Doesn’t he still have to pass his classes this quarter?
See above answer. (He really doesn’t go to class.)

Why have we not offered a guy like Cliff Harris? Is there a possibility guys like Xavier Sua’Filo and Stan Hasiak will consider us because of our lack of OL depth?
Sometimes offers aren’t solely based on a player’s ability. I know Hasiak is looking hard and UCLA and really likes the school.

Do you see Forcier pulling ahead of Craft and getting serious PT if something happens to Olson?
Right now I do not see it. Forcier needs to get much stronger, and Craft, at least, as experience of playing (at the JUCO level) and is more mature.

Is there concern about the lack of bulk on the OL with guys like Sheller and Dean, who are possible replacements for 1st-string players?
Sheller is a first-stringer at right tackle, and there is concern at every position when it comes to depth on the offensive line, and it has little to do with bulk. It has more to do with playing ability.

Has Mike Roll recovered by now from his foot injury? Is he expected to be 100 percent by the start of the season? Do you think there is any chance he will be a starter assuming Westbrook goes pro, or is Holiday the certain starter replacing Westbrook?
I’m hearing Roll is still having trouble with the foot injuries, so it is impossible to say whether or not he will be 100 percent by the in five or six months. And I don’t see him starting even if Westbrook leaves, especially with Collison and Shipp coming back.

How do you like working with this football staff as opposed to the old one?
So far I love working with this staff. I had strong relations with the last staff, but this one is much more confident and the personalities are much better.

Do you have any idea on how the offseason workouts are coming along?
They are working hard, but it is mostly conditioning. Offensive coordinator Norm Chow’s philosophy is not to throw until the summer, and to concentrate on conditioning and the playbook, so there are no 7-on-7s going on.

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  • Tyler Durden

    brian, let me get this straight: a Ucla prof gives lectures 2 or 3 times a week for 10 weeks…and then puts none of the ideas/concepts/syntheses he presents in his lectures on a) the mid term, b) the final or c) the prompts for the paper(s)???

    that is embarrassing.

    basically, this prof has nothing important to say.

    that is disgusting.

    I never had any classes like that at my school.

    when did Ucla become DeVry????

  • Anonymous

    No one said Luc’s method is earning him the Honor Roll..

    I think he just needs to pass his classes, which is like a D-.

    With the tutoring the athletic department offers him, I’m sure he’s doing enough to get by.

    And let’s face it anyways, there are such things as cake classes in every college around the nation.

  • Fan4Life

    Luc is a few classes shy of getting his degree. He started school in the summer of 2005. You figure it out. He speaks 3 or 4 languages. Incredible there would be criticism of how Luc is handling his spring workload.