Morgan and ‘Bama

I’ve heard from a couple of sources that Alabama is making another push at UCLA hoops commit J’mison Morgan. Those same sources believe Morgan is sold on UCLA and will wind up in Westwood when the first summer session begins later this month, but since he cannot sign a letter of intent, expect schools to keep pushing in their attempts until he arrives in Westwood.

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  • miltk

    Well,,, the staff will simply have to NOT take things for granted and keep on Morgan.

    It would be great if he could come to LA over the summer and compete at SAC against some pros. That is a massive advantage UCLA has over other schools. I mean,,,,Kluc played against and got tips from Garnett…now how cool is THAT!

  • Charles O’Bannon

    Supposedly it’s more time consuming to hold onto a shaky recruit than to pursue an undecided one. Hopefully it’ll be worth it.

    What’s SAC btw?

  • Jose007
  • Anonymous

    SAC’s the student activities center right next to wooden on the other side of the bruin plaza walkway. I think usually it’s closed off for our bball/volleyball players and when the pros/former bruin ballers come in for pick up games. being a student, I played there a lot last summer cause wooden was closed off for remodeling and got to run with russ, lo mata, bryon russell, etc. it’s pretty sweet.

  • Charles O’Bannon



    Whoever coined the phrase,”All is fair in love and war,” obviously forgot to include the following: and college sports’ recruiting.