See you later

Folks, I will be off until July, and for the next week Tim Haddock will run the blog while Jill Painter is on assignment. Jill will take over after that.
Enjoy, and I will see you later.

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  • northbaybruin

    Have a good time Brian.Welcome Tim and Jill.

    One month after Brian comes back is the beginning of fall camp. Wow !

    My compliments to UCLA Athletic Director, Mr. Dan Guererro (sp?.) He changed coaches in a dignified and diplomatic manner and well, I must say, I think it has turned out great. But UCLA is a class act.

    Welcome back Rick !!

    My compliments to Mr. Norm Chow who had nothing left to prove in his coaching career who took the job to help rebuild a football team. He must love football more than his ego ! He is also a class act and has come to the right place.

    Same goes for class act Walker our Extraordinary Defensive Coordinator.

    Same goes for our players who give it everything they have got and comeback from injuries.

    Same goes for our recruits who come to UCLA becasue it it is a great University.

    So win or loose we have a great football program !!!

  • UCLA_BB_junkie

    Thanks Brian…for all your insights, facts and latest UCLA recruiting scoops. I check daily to get my recruiting fixes…will never need to join Scout.

  • sandiegobruinfan

    Thanks in advance to Tim for work on the blog this week. Best wishes to Brian and his family.

    Jill is on assignment? I’m guessing that amounted to a short conversation:

    Daily News Sports Editor: Did you want to run Brian’s UCLA blog this week instead of heading down to San Diego to cover the U.S. Open at Torrey Pines?

    Jill: Let me ponder that for a second…no thanks.