Kevin Love to workout for the Knicks, Timberwolves

Just ran into Stan Love at the Lakers game and got a quick update on Kevin. Stan said that Kevin is in New York for a workout with the Knicks tommorrow and will workout for Minnesota sometime next week.

I asked if he had any plans to workout for the Clippers and Stan said, “Not yet. I’d love for him to be a Clipper but I’m not sure he’ll be around by the time they pick. You never know though.”

The Clippers have the No. 7 pick.

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  • Anonymous

    Kevins should ask his father to refrain from comenting about him. Every single coment out of his mout hmakes him sound so popmpus. Try a little humility.

  • Anonymous

    Your right, and a part of me wants to see Kevin and the family humbled in the NBA.

  • Anonymous

    Ditto that!

  • la-ukla

    If I never hear another stupid, conceited, boastful comment come out of Stan Love’s mouth it will be too soon. Thanks, Stan, for helping me get over K-Love in a hurry. Please, no more talking to this guy. Who cares?!

  • Anonymous


  • Lloyd Lake

    Wait until Russell Westbrook gets picked higher than Kevin Love. Old Stan will need to eat a double-serving of humble pie.