Bill Walton

I’ve got a story coming out tommorrow on Bill Walton and his relationship with his four boys, specifically Luke, who is playing for the Lakers in the NBA Finals. Here’s a sneak peek at some of Bill’s comment’s on parenting. As you can tell, he’s incredibly influenced, to this day, by John Wooden.

“I always look back on the way Coach Wooden would start every pregame speech: As we were sitting there, anxiously awaiting the message of hope and inspiration to go out there and win this game, Coach Wooden would stand there with his rolled up program and say, `Men, I’ve done my job. The rest is up to you. Now let’s go get it done.’

And, that’s really what you try to do as a parent, which is to create opportunities to help encourage, to offer support, love and have that unconditional nature of the father-son relationship.”

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