Luc and the APR

Luc and Ben Howland talked about where Luc is academically on their conference calls this afternoon.
I saw some questions about it on other posts, so hopefully I can clear some of those questions up.
Luc said he is five or six classes shy of graduating. He said he could take those classes over the summer, some online, and be on target to graduate.
He was asked how his father responded to his decision to stay in the draft and Luc said: “He knew what I was going to do after last night anyway. He supports me whatever I did. His main thing has always been school. Schoolwise, I only have about five or six classes left to graduate. Some of those classes I can take online. That was the main thing with him. He was really happy with the fact that I’m really close to graduating.”
As for the APR, Howland said Luc is leaving UCLA on good academic terms. The APR will not be affected. What Howland seemed a little upset about was that because Luc is leaving early, he only has 11 players on scholarship. He can have 13.
If Alex Stepheson decides to come to UCLA, that would give him 12, but still one shy of the max.

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