OT Sheller injured in ATV accident

Getting a report out of UCLA that redshirt sophomore offensive tackle Sean Sheller was injured Friday in an off-road accident while driving an ATV.
He injured his left knee and ankle. The severity of the injuries has yet to be determined.
When I know more, you will know more.

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  • Peter

    Oy vey. These are not good times for our O-Line.

  • Video_Bruin

    Oh great, we are already thin at O-line as it is, and now this brain-dead O-lineman is off-roading during the off-season. Instead of bulking up in the weightroom, our lowly linemen are riding in the dunes.

    pffffff… Can’t wait to get rid of these Dorrell players. It was like when Howland came in. It takes a few years to get rid of the Michael Feys.

  • mindshed

    That’s a bit unfair Video_Bruin, for all any of us know he could be on a strict regiment of diet and workout, and simply wanted to have some fun on a weekend. There’s absolutely no connection between riding an ATV and his work ethic in the off season, so your negativity is very much misplaced. If he crashed because he was drinking and riding an ATV, then you have a foot to stand on, but right now you’re just spouting nonsensical rumors and insults about a person you don’t know.

    That said, I thought there were rules the players had to follow in terms of what they were allowed to do (ie ride motorcycles, ATV’s etc) in order to protect them from injury. Or is that only in the pros when contracts are involved?

  • TheBarsh

    When you’re playing division 1 football at a top notch university………you DO NOT go off-roading on an ATV and you sure as hell do not do it drunk. His team, the school and all the fans were depending on this kid……We are already extremely thin at OL. He is getting a free education to play football at one of the most prestigious universities in the world. You know how many people would love to be in his position. When you’re playing D1 football you need to be committed and dedicated to your program and your school. ATV’s have a history of being extremely dangerous. This kid should have known better. If he was in the NFL, his contract would’ve been torn up. If we were not as thin at OL as we currently are, I wouldn’t be surprised if Coach N kicked him off the team and released him of his scholarship.

  • Video Bruin

    Amen. What a doofus! His scholarship should be revoked. Less than 7 weeks until training, and the dude is participating in extreme sports. If we had an ATV team, that would be different. This dude needs to get his priorities straight.

  • Pyperkub

    Y’all are a bit premature in your desire to bash this Bruin. Before casting stones, maybe waiting until the story is out would be smart.

  • Video Bruin

    Hey Pyperchub, we have all the story we need. The dude was riding an ATV when he should have been lifting weights and preparing himself for the upcoming season. He is on SCHOLARSHIP to play football, and should be taking it seriously. He shouldn’t be putting his health at risk.


    Notice how the smaller the life led, the bigger the judgmental tendency.

  • csunbug

    its a tough loss for the team. does anyone know the circumstances of the accident. how it happened, what kind of ATV he was riding? just what kind of injury did he sustain. anybody ?