In Westbrook’s words

Here is a transcipt of one of Russell Westbrook’s conference calls Thursday after he was drafted No. 4 by Seattle.


What does it feel like to be in the NBA?

“I’m very excited to be a Sonic and I’m looking forward to next season. I’m very excited. I’ve been working hard to put myself in the best position possible and I’m very excited.”

Did you think you would rise to No. 4?

“I worked so hard over the summer and I tried my best to do well in the workouts as possible and it’s paid off and I’m very excited. I felt that I might go four, anything. But you never know with trades and things like that and I was just sitting there waiting for my name to be called and it was called pretty early and I was very happy to hear it.”

What’s it going to be like to play with Kevin Durant and Jeff Green?

“They are two good guys. I talked to Kevin Durant before the draft and he was real happy for me, congratulating me and things like that. Kevin Durant was the rookie of the year last year and I’m looking forward to getting him shots, getting him open and making him a better player.”

Are you a point guard or combo guard?

“I consider myself playing point guard at the next level. I’ve working this summer. I’ve been playing point guard all my life and now it’s my time to show it to the world at the next level.”

What is your weakness?

“I see myself sometimes going too fast at some points, moving too fast and seeing the game so fast. That’s one of the things I’d like to improve at, seeing the game slower and slowing down sometimes.”

How crazy has been your rise to reserve as a freshman to lottery pick two years later?

“It’s been real crazy. Every day I just thank God and I’m blessed every day I thank God and work my tail off every day to try to become the best player I can possibly become. Now it’s finally here and I have to start all over again so I’ve got to do the same thing again.”

Do you know Earl Watson?

“I just saw Earl before I left for L.A. and he was congratulating me and he’s a real good guy. I know Earl will teach me some things and he was teaching me some things before the year.”

Are you aware of the Sonics’ potential relocation?

“I feel great, the Sonics are a great organization regardless of where it is. The team is great as well and I know we will do well as an organization and a team next season. I’m aware the Sonics might play in either city and I don’t think that’s a big issue. A team that has a good chemistry and good organization doesn’t have a problem.”

Do you own bragging rights over Kevin Love for being drafted first?

“Kevin was my roommate all of last year and he’s a great friend and a great teammate and I’m very happy for him and his family and this is what we dreamed of at UCLA and it happened for us both. I’m real happy for Kevin.”

What was it like to be drafted?

“I was real excited. I finally got a chance to walk up and shake David Stern’s hand, I’ve been thinking of that all my childhood watching the NBA Draft growing up and now I am here.”

Who is with you in New York?

“My mom, dad and little brother. This has been a great experience overall. When I went to work out there (in Seattle), they told me I did a good job.”

When did you think you were an NBA prospect?

“I wasn’t trying to focus on the NBA or the next level. I tried to focus on our year (at UCLA) and towards the end of the year I thought about it, I felt I was ready make the next step.”

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  • AW

    What an incredible story. From a highschool kid that no major D1 program wanted, hardly played as a freshman to the #4 pick.

    Now Howland can tell any highschool kid that he wants to recruit, that he can develop you from an unknown to the #4 pick and he has proof. From Jordan Farmar, Aaron Afallo, Westbrook, Love, Luc and the rest!!

    Can you imagine if Westbrook had gone to some small college. He would probably have been picked at the bottom of the 1st round and been called an unknown with great potential. But since he went to UCLA and got the exposure, he goes to #4 pick!! That is why you want to go to a top 10 D1 program!

  • VB

    Westbrook will have a great career. No doubt.

    Can’t say the same for Marshmallow Love. The dude won’t even average 10 PPG.

  • Anonymous

    It’s also nice to see you can get drafted as a lottery pick without your dad having to whine and complain to everyone in sight, and attacking the head coach and program.

  • VB

    Exactly! All that pissing and moaning Stan Love did was still not enough to get his son drafted before Westbrook. And to top it off, Love ended up getting TRADED. I guess the Grizzlies realized they made a mistake when they drafted Love. LOL

    Good luck Westbrook and Mbah!

    K-Love, have fun festering on the pine pony for your career. UCLA doesn’t need you, nor do we want your “legacy” to be remembered.

  • Fan4Life

    Kevin has some bitter ex-girlfriends. Sounds like he cut them off before they got into his pocketbook.

  • Anonymous


    Simply hilarious. Couldn’t have said it better myself.

    Do you think that “VB” stands for Veronica Butch?

  • dlfn25

    What’s with all the haters? Congrats to Russell and Kevin, this is great for them and for the program.