Even more Moore

Staff writer Scott Wolf talked to Bryon Moore’s dad, Byron Sr. today about the reason Byron Moore de-commited from UCLA and committed to USC.
“He’s been going to their camps since he was in the seventh grade. There was something
in his heart that said he wanted to go there,” said Byron Moore Sr. “At the end of the day, he felt in his heart he wanted to be at USC.”
USC offered Moore a scholarship last week when he attended a summer camp.
“It’s been tearing at him even before that,” his father said. “UCLA’s been very good to us. They are a good group of guys.”

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  • mindshed

    Is he going to play at sc, or did they just offer him a spot on the bench to screw with us?

  • zzyzxroad

    He found out you could make between 200k and 20k as a SuC Athlete if you hire the right “runner”.

  • sep2010

    Let’s not be bitter. We can land other recruits. I’m sure there’s a 1 star athlete out there that would love to get an offer from UCLA

  • Anonymous

    Eric Scott where are you? Neuheisel needs to pick up the phone.

  • Anonymous

    Sep 2010, the only 1 star recruit that I know UCLA would take is your mom. Have fun hoping you could have gone to UCLA because Im sure your mommy and daddy are going to have fun paying for your tuition.

  • Fan4Life

    After last year’s recruiting efforts, I find it hard to find tears over losing a safety prospect for 2009. Yeah, it would have been great to retain his commitment, but when you’re going against a kid emotions, it’s a lost cause.

  • BRUtus

    Hard not to be bitter. The kid kept talking about how excited he was to be a Bruin – even taking on a recruiting role on our behalf. Hurts when you get as excited as some of us did when a talent like Moore commits to play at UCLA. I wish him the best in life but hope he fails miserably every time he steps on the field against the Bruins.

    Looking forward to seeing Golper, Pollard, Mascarenas, and Price punish him for the crap he pulled on Special Teams during their early years.

  • Fan4Life

    Btw, some great news along with some bad news. UCLA received an OL commitment from Greg Capella out of El Diamante HS in Visalia. He is listed at 6’4″ 325 and was 2nd on the All State last year as a Jr and is rated one of the top OG prospects in California.

  • Anonymous

    Brutus, what do you mean by the ‘crap he pulled on special teams in their early years’?

  • TheBarsh

    I don’t understand some of these kids. Why would Moore commit to UCLA when it was his dream all along to go to SC???

  • Anonymous

    how classy, took him a whole two days to “wrestle” with the decisions. Clearly he was hoping for a SUC offer all along, and was using UCLA as a backup, but didn’t have the class or honor to tell anyone.

    He made UCLA look stupid for counting on him to honor his committment when clearly all it took was a chat from Pete to change his mind. Why didn’t he just tell RN that SUC was his dream school, and wait to see if they offered.

    How pathetic.

  • Lloyd Lake

    A lot of you sound like Jabba the Weiss, complaining because a recruit left. The key word is “non-binding” oral committment. If the kid would rather play at USC, so be it. Wish him the best of luck and move on.

    I bet none of you would say anything negative if Randall Carroll changes his “non-binding” oral committment from USC to UCLA.

  • just me

    I think we would have a lot to say if anyone changed their commitment from USC to UCLA.

  • BRUtus

    punish him for the crap he pulled — when they are on the same field as him as freshmen playing on the special teams units.

  • BRUtus

    Randall Carroll has been wavering from the beginning. Moore has been quoted as saying as much as how he was completely decided on UCLA and was going to help recruit other athletes to help bring the back to the top. Quick change of heart imo.

  • Sam Mendez

    The reason that Moore chose USC over FUCLA is simple: we play FOOTBALL on the southside! The kind that may get him to the NFL one day. Moore may have made FUCLA look stupid but not half as much as some of you moaners!

    Stop your whining and show what you can do on the field you pancy-ass crybabies!

  • Sam Gilbert

    Another story floating around is that USC offered him the chance to compete for both safety and cornerback while UCLA strictly wanted him as a safety.