Pac-10 picks

Pacific-10 media day is fast approaching, so preseason poll ballots are being gathered. Here is mine:

1. USC
2. Arizona State
3. California
4. Oregon
5. Oregon State
6. Washington
8. Washington State
9. Arizona
10. Stanford

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  • VB

    Okay Dohn, I’m not going to “attack” you, but:

    Could you please justify your preseason rankings? I know you are like me. You like to stir the pot and make everyone pissed off. All I want to know is why Oregon State and Washington are ahead of UCLA. Here is how I would do the rankings:

    1) USC
    2) Arizona State
    3) Oregon
    4) Cal
    5) UCLA
    6) Oregon State
    7) Washington
    8) Arizona
    9) Washington State
    10) Stanford
    7) Washington

  • Bruin_67

    I’m not going to comment on UCLA because I’m admittedly biased. I will say that I don’t see any way on God’s green earth that Cal finishes in the top 3.

  • miguelito

    I like your top 3 Dohn, but I think Arizona will be 4. Cal and Arizona do well because of their QB’s. Oregon and Oregon State lost their mvp’s Benard and Dixon. They will be lower on the poll. Washington seems to be in a good spot but their QB could get hurt.

  • UCLA ’64

    1. USC
    2. Arizona State
    3. UCLA
    4. Stanford
    5. Oregon State
    6. Washington
    7. Oregon
    8. Washington State
    9. California
    10. Arizona

    UCLA will be a lot better than predicted by almost everyone.

    Stanford is no longer UC, Berkeley’s whipping boy and will defeat Oregon State in their opener.

    Oregon and UC, Berkeley will be a lot worse than almost everyone predicts. Both Stanford and Oregon State will defeat their rivals this year. The protesters are still in the trees in Berkeley, and the ticket office is way down in sales for the upcoming season. Oregon lost two irreplaceable stars, at least the Ducks haven’t found anyone to replace them yet.

  • Anonymous

    Obviously a lot of Bruin homers present…UCLA at #3? Kevin Craft must have a lot faster learning curve then I thought. I personally think Ari is going to surprise and end up in the middle of the pack. WSU will most probably be in the cellar. Stanford is still a year away from being legit. Oregon is overrated by the media. Locklear at UDub will carry the team.

    1. USC
    2. Arizona State
    3. California
    4. Washington
    5. Oregon
    6. Arizona
    7. UCLA
    8. Oregon State
    9. Stanford
    10. Washington State

  • toduck

    The best thing about blogs and online-fans is that everyone thinks they know more about the other teams and that everyone else knows less about their team. Don’t get caught up in the AP news. There will be some suprsises this year in the Pac-10, especially Oregon. People are finally starting to dig a little deeper and realize that the Oregon defense can be a lights out defense. Costa can be just as dangerous in Kelly’s system and JJ and Blounte are going to ride the senior line to the promise land. Much love to Stewart and Dixon, but this team is ready to step up and move on from the 2007 season. GO DUCKS!

  • Don Collicott

    National Championship and Pac 10 Champs this year
    GO!!!! DUCKS!!!!!
    1. Oregon
    2. USC
    3. Arizona State
    4. California
    5. UCLA
    6. Arizona
    7. Washington
    8. Oregon State
    9. Stanford
    10. Washington State


    If anybody has ever traveled up north for a football game to the Oregons and Washingtons they would realize how difficult it is for the road team to win. Those home crowds are the best in the Pac-10, and it is often cold up there.

    That said, Oregon travels to SC this year, so I don’t see the Ducks going all the way. ASU got pounded by SC at season’s end last year, so I don’t know about that team. Cal played SC tough, and so did ucla. ucla is the team that is difficult to get a read on, but I would not plan on any miracles this year, but expect them to put on a good show most weeks.

  • Dave

    Many of you are either Duck homers or completely out of touch if you think Oregon State will finish 8th.

    UCLA, Stanford, are still a year away. UCLA could be in the running for a Holiday Bowl bid at best, however, Olson has to play 90% of the games for that to happen. Stanford doesn’t have the horses period. The coaching has improved dramatically though.

    Arizona has huge holes on Defense. There is no one that will cause problems for Offenses like Cason. Stoops will be looking for a real estate agent by Halloween.

    Cal will be in the top 3, 2 experienced QB’s, great LB, O-line. Tedford is still a great coach.

    Oregon has a high ceiling, however, Costa hasn’t done anything and the talent on the Defensive front seven has never performed that highly. Dixon was very, very, good. Duck fans will be reminded of that this year.

    Washington will be solid, has winnable games at home. They will be fighting with OSU for the 4th or 5th spot in the Pac-10.

    ASU should be in the top 3 no problem.

    WSU will be predictably horrible.

    And lastly Mike Riley will prove you all wrong again.

  • Bruin/Wildcat

    Thank you Brian for your rankings. However, we all agree to disagree. With Rick Neuheisel and his all star coaching staff and Mike Stoops with all hard work he’s done will finally pay off. Willie Tuitama in his last year will come through providing he can put his concussions behind him. Here are my rankings.

    1. Arizona/UCLA
    2. ASU
    3. USC
    4. Oregon
    5. CAL
    6. Stanford
    7. Washington St.
    8. Oregon St.
    9. Washington

  • BruinGuy

    “Anonymous said: Obviously a lot of Bruin homers present..”

    Brilliant observation, this is a UCLA blog!

  • Free Lendale


    If UCLA and Arizona combined their Pac 10 wins this season then maybe they’d have more than USC or Oregon. Maybe.

    I mean, Arizona?!? Have you ever watched one of their games? Goooooooooood luck with that prediction.



  • Mario DiLeo

    UCLA in 7th place…at least the pressure’s off Neuheisel & staff…keep those low expectations coming so that anything the Bruins do in the upcoming season will be icing on the Pac-10 cake…7th Place? Got ’em where we want ’em…asleep at the switch while the Blue & Gold steals eight wins…

  • SeattleBruin

    Hey Anonymous – is that Heather LOCKLEAR or JACK LOCKER?

    The Huskies will still SUCK this year.

  • StillHatesMichaelFey

    haha hey seattlebruin… you do know that its JAKE locker right? somewhat ironic, no?

    on another note, i’m not even gonna take a stab at rankings. i remember a couple of years back i predicted the redskins winning the superbowl and since then i’ve been shamed out of making any predictions.

  • Anonymous

    Washington may be improved but there schedule is brutal. The will not finish higher than 7th.

  • Never Stops Raining

    Enjoy Slick Rick’s first two years b/c then he’ll take your program and destroy it. I’m a UW fan and he ruined our running game because he didnt spend time recruiting linemen and let players get away with all kinds of violations. With Norm Chow your offense will be good, but pray slick has learned from his past mistakes or your team and your campus is in deep trouble.

    1. USC
    2. Arizona State
    3. California
    4. Oregon
    5. Washington
    6. UCLA
    7. Arizona
    8. Oregon State
    9. Stanford
    10. Washington State

  • BRUINzor

    MY pix:

    1. UCLA
    2. state something or other
    3. scary uniforms…
    4. uc who cares
    5. overrated coach
    6. another nobody cares state skool
    7. another nobody cares state skool
    8. fake ivy league skool or something
    9. too hot to play football skool
    10. us¢

    take it to the bank baybee… lol