Ward’s progression

UCLA defensive tackle Jess Ward, a key backup, had knee surgery in after the season, and is supposed to be ready for training camp, is still rehabbing the knee. I’m hearing he may not be 100 percent ready when training camp opens.

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  • bakomhy

    B Dohn, Your commitment to keeping all Bruin Fans informed and connected to their team should be commended and rewarded handsomely. Maybe you can get Boras to negotiate your next deal. You have made your constant postings a bad habit for so many…got to get my fix and check in on what’s happened with the Bruins and B Dohn!! Question, Blogging had not quite reached the masses back when you were covering the Dodgers, do you think that you could have made the same commitment to a Dodger blog that you have to your Bruin blog? In baseball, you have your stories and notes to submit, would there not have been enough time due to your responsibilities??? I wish the schedules would allow your baseball beat guys to post as often as you do. Stay strong brotha.

  • RV

    I agree with the comment made above. Your commitment is impressive and highly appreciated.
    Speaking of commitments, how do you think foodtball recruting is going for bruins?..usually bruins get a bunch of commitments after spring camp, and there has been little traction last 8 weeks, except of the nagtive kind. Are the new coaches distracted elsewhere?