Answers, Part VI

Here is the sixth set of answers:

Coach Neuheisel seemed excited about Courtney Viney during the Spring but I haven’t heard much about our CB from Fresno. Is he participating in the 7/7s and if so, what is the talk about his ability?He is participating had a great day when I was out one day during the week. However, he’s 5-7, at best, and UCLA has some big receivers. The consensus from folks I talk to is his height could be an issue.

I’ve heard rumors that UCLA football has scheduled some intrigueing future non-conference games which may include LSU. What future non-conference football games do you know of or have heard rumors of? Will these be home and home games?I know LSU calls once in a while, but I don’t see it happening. But here is a post I did on April 15 about future schedules:

Sept. 5 San Diego State
Sept. 12 Tennessee
Sept. 19 Kansas State
Oct. 3 at Stanford
Oct. 10 Oregon
Oct. 17 California
Oct. 24 at Arizona
Oct. 31 at Oregon State
Nov. 7 Washington
Nov. 14 at Washington State
Nov. 21 Arizona State
Nov. 28 at USC
Sept. 4 at Kansas State
Sept. 11 Houston
Sept. 18 at Texas
Oct. 2 Washington State
Oct. 9 at California
Oct. 16 Stanford
Oct. 23 at Oregon
Oct. 30 Arizona
Nov. 6 Oregon State
Nov. 13 at Washington
Nov. 20 at Arizona State
Dec. 4 USC
Sept. 3 at Houston
Sept. 10 San Jose State
Sept. 17 Texas
Sept. 24 at Stanford
Oct. 1 California
Oct. 8 Arizona State
Oct. 15 at Arizona
Oct. 29 at Oregon State
Nov. 5 Washington
Nov. 12 at Washington State
Nov. 19 Oregon
Nov. 26 at USC
Sept. 1 at Rice
Sept. 8 Nebraska
Sept. 15 Houston
Sept. 22 at Oregon
Sept. 29 Stanford
Oct. 6 Arizona
Oct. 20 Oregon State
Oct. 27 at Washington
Nov. 3 at California
Nov. 10 Washington State
Nov. 17 at Arizona State
Dec. 1 USC
Aug. 31 TBD
Sept. 7 TBD
Sept. 14 at Nebraska
Sept. 28 at Washington State
Oct. 5 at Arizona
Oct. 12 California
Oct. 19 Arizona State
Oct. 26 at Oregon State
Nov. 9 at Stanford
Nov. 16 Washington
Nov. 23 Oregon
Nov. 30 at USC

Can you preface each article with the sport that the article represents. That way we don’t have to read 3/4 through the article thinking it’s about one sport when it’s really about another.
For example…
Basketball: Lew Acindor decides to return to grad school…
Sometimes with blogging I get tunnel vision writing about a topic. I will make the effort to differentiate the sport, when need be, in the future. (And especially as it relates to recruiting).

Regarding Alex Stephenson and USC. . . Isn’t USC loosing two scholarships as a result of their academic issues?I thought the report was they played last season short two scholarships?

I know that a number of current UCLA basketball players are playing in summer leagues around LA. Who is playing and what teams/leagues are they playing with?To be honest, I’m not really sure because the summer leagues are meaningless to me. But check the websites for Say No League and the Get Better League.

Do you know if there are any theaters still playing the basketball documentary, Gunnin’ for the #1? Any timeline for release on DVD if its no longer playing in theaters?No idea about either one.

How are the following players looking in any summer practices you’ve seen them in (if they’ve been there)
Osaar Rashaan
– Isn’t getting any reps during 7-on-7
Glenn Love – looks good, but his issue is whether or not he can stay healthy.
Milton Knox – haven’t seen him doing much.
Alterraun Verner – looks fine, despite the big roar created by Antwon Moutra beating him deep a couple of times.

Ok Assuming JC OL Donovan Edwards gets the grades needed to qualify for UCLA, where would he fall in with Chandler moving to RT?I think Edwards, Chandler and another to-be-determined player fights it out for the starting spot.

When people talk about this past nba draft, will they that Love was drafted 3rd or 5th?He went fifth, because that is where he was selected. People don’t say Kobe Bryant was drafted by the Lakers.

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