Freshmen numbers

Some people love this stuff, and others don’t care. But here are the uniforms numbers of the incoming football freshmen:

No. 60 OL Jeff Baca
No. 11 LB Donovan Carter
No. 70 OL Connor Bradford
No. 33 RB Derrick Coleman
No. 18 QB Nick Crissman
No. 30 RB Aundre Dean
No. 6 DB Tony Dye
No. 8 RB Jonathan Franklin
No. 87 TE Cory Harkey
No. 9 CB Aaron Hester
No. 97 DE Damien Holmes
No. 85 WR Jerry Johnson
No. 96 DE Datone Jones
No. 26 RB Milton Knox
No. 42 LB Patrick Larimore
No. 49 P Jeff Locke
No. 3 DB Rahim Moore
No. 88 WR Antwon Moutra
No. 14. QB Kevin Prince
No. 83 WR Nelson Rosario
No. 21 LB Sean Westgate
No. 2 DB E.J. Woods

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  • Anonymous

    Right now, I care about almost everything football related. It’ll help to recognize those players at camp (I assume they’ll be wearing those numbers but no names on their unis at practice).

  • DoubleBruin

    Crissman is wearing Cade’s number.

  • Mario DiLeo

    Good stuff…Thanks!

  • ocbruinbacker

    Crissman is wearing J.J. Stokes’ number also. Cade and J.J., two great Bruins.

  • StillHatesMichaelFey

    i just hope crissman wears a longer jersey than j.j. did.

    then again, maybe it was the source of his power.

  • tubby420

    wow Larimore is listed at 6’3. He was 6’1 at the camps.

    Rosario listed at 6’4. thought he was at least 6’5.