• VB

    Great article, Dohn. One of your best.

  • Steve

    Nice article…I just wonder, given Olson’s condition is he’ll really be ready for action on Sept. 1st.

  • Thanks Brian for spending a very long day with Olson. Your insightful writing does help us to get some idea of the gritty determination that goes into preparparing for the start of another football season, particularly when coming off an injury. It was probably an overstatement, however, to say that Olson was ever a “forgotten backup.” He’s never been out of the mix while he was injured or competing with Cowen. UCLA fans have just been anxious for him to regain his health and reach his potential. This year is his last chance and everyone is hoping he can do it.

  • sandiegobruinfan

    A great read Brian. Must be nice to have a couple of NFL friends to workout with Ben…and having Tim Tebow pop by to get a workout in? I wonder what Petey would have thought of a UF Gator working out at Howard Jones Field?


    That was good writing, more like a short story of a day-in-the-life.

    But one has to wonder about Ben’s foot; he is placing a lot of weight on it, and football is a sport that is hard on the feet. Seems like a nice fellow, so you have to be wishing him the best.