UCLA-‘SC jersey debate

There were reports during the offseason that UCLA and USC would where their home jerseyes for the rivalry game, and I was always confused by it because of the rules involved for it. There were even reports UCLA coach Rick Neuheisel and USC coach Pete Carroll agreed on the matter.
However, Neuheisel said he didn’t think it would happen after learning about the rules regarding it during the recent Pac-10 coaches meetings.
“The rules, right now, make it a little tenuous because you have to forfeit a timeout,” Neuheisel said. “We were both of the mind that you only had to forfeit a timeout in the first half, but we were told that we would have to forfeit a timeout in both halves, and that’s a little scary in a game that matters that much.”
Neuheisel said the only way it would work was if the Pac-10 ruled it would have to forfeit a timeout only in the first half.
“My guess is we’re going to get turned down,” Neuheisel said. “But hopefully it isn’t that far off because the game should be that way.”

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  • Anonymous

    Do they serve liquor at those things? This post is a disaster.

  • Alex18

    I too would drink heavily if I had to be at the Pac 10 media day all day.

  • northbaybruin

    Both coaches were willing to forfiet one timeout in the first half as the penalty for both teams wearing home colors inasmuch as they cannot both be home teams. Neither coach was willing to forfiet two time outs – one in each half as they now understood the total penalty – not one time out – one time out in each half. I am sure they both felt it could affect the outcome of the game – not worth it.

    It has been kind of a “thread” discussion. Brian was giving was giving the outcome of the discussion.

  • Mario DiLeo

    This is really SC’s debate since the game will be at the Rose Bowl this year…I remember the first time the Bruins played $C in Pasadena (1982?) and the Trojies wore the ketchup-n-mustard unis…the consensus among UCLA fans was that once again the Trojans showed no class in wearing their home jerseys in our yard…

  • Treb Ryan

    Post was fine. The rule is a disaster. Someone literally sat around and decided if two teams both wear home colors the right way to handle it was by forfeiting time outs? Do they get paid for this, or is an unpaid sophomore intern getting credits for his sports management class?

  • Anonymous

    Agreed, this rule is stupid. The rule should be that if the away team wants to wear home jerseys, the home team has to approve it, and if the home team decides they want to wear away jerseys the away team can approve it. If both teams agree, why would you punish either?