QB awareness

UCLA football coach Rck Neuheisel spoke about how shaky backup quarterbacks Chris Forcier and Kevin Craft were in the spring, and how tight each one was during the spring game.
He will not be allowed to watch either practice until the first day of training camp (Aug. 5), but he believes, based solely on more study and throwing experience, each will be better.
He was asked what type grasp Craft, the primary backup, has on the offense.
“Well, hopefully now, better than he did, and it will be better yet when we have another week under our belt and so forth,” Neuheisel said. “But I think this goes to the experience of a (offensive coordinator) Norm Chow and a (offensive line coach) Bob Palcic.
“We don’t have to have every play in and feel like we are going to the game naked. There are coaches out there that the book, this is me, this is who I am and if I don’t have all this I feel withdrawn.
“That is why some NFL coaches have 300 plays at the ready list and some NFL coaches go with 100. I think Norm and Bob, both understand it isn’t what we know, it is what they (the players) know and let’s not ask them to so much, just because it makes us feel like we have our entire arsenal.”

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