• SnailOfWestwood

    It’s amazing that Cal can recruit anyone with facilities like those. And it’s not like Cal is an athletic powerhouse with lots of prestige either. Tedford must be a hell of a recruiter

  • Anonymous

    seriously, how do they get anyone to go there, they must avoid giving tours of their facilities at all costs.

  • ubcrluain

    I am a UCLA alum (’06) and I am currently in grad school at Cal so I was glad to see this posted. This report pretty much confirms what I see everyday on campus (ie, tree protesters). However, the level of dilapidation in their athletic facilities is shocking!! If you think that UCLA is a liberal campus, Berkeley’s student body and its residents make UCLA look like Mr. Rogers’ neighborhood. People there are so radical its crazy. I hope that Cal’s administrators get control back for their campus and allow the Athletic Department continue with their plans.

  • Richard

    Look, even though I’m an extremely proud UCLA alum, I love Cal too (though I never applied there). But to me, in the wake of relatively young UCLA’s great rise to prominence (Currently ranked #25 in the US News rankings to Cal’s #21, and tied with Michigan for the third best public university in the nation) this is a metaphor for how Cal rests on its long tradition and academic laurels as it literally falls apart. UCLA, newer by a few decades, is the UC school that everybody wants to attend, based on its unique blend of academics, sports, location, weather and girls. For proof just look at the fact that for something like the 4th year running it gets more applications than any other university in the US.

  • pr

    I thought I was watching one of those NAT GEO specials on Prisons. Maybe the Cal could use Alcatraz as their athletic complex since it clearly has better amenities than Berzerkly.

  • UCLA ’64

    The most head-scratching thing about that situation is the fact that the athletic department wants to build the sports center before fixing and retrofitting the stadium which has cracks as wide as a foot in it. If there’s ever an earthquake during a football game, woe is everyone. The stadium could’ve been fixed by now. The two-year lawsuit has been over the sports center.

    If people have to evacuate the hills above the stadium during a game, if the people have to evacuate the stadium during a game, if the stadium itself crumbles during a game, … well, you get the picture. People will very likely die.

    I don’t blame the people living in the hills for not wanting the sports center on that hill. It’s next to insanity. I’m not talking about the tree protest; I’m thinking about what a sports center there does to traffic coming off those hills in the event of a fire or an earthquake and especially if a devastation occurs during a game.

    Don’t say it can’t happen. If Dianne Feinstein, as mayor of SF, hadn’t insisted on the refit of Candlestick Park, can you imagine what would’ve happened during the opening game of the ’89 World Series? A lot of people forget about that.

    Since I’ve lived in the East Bay (not in Berkeley, fortunately), I’ve seen devastating fires in the East Bay hill areas and killer earthquakes. They should fix the stadium (for which there are no objections) and put the sports center someplace else.

    I don’t feel one bit sorry for the UC Berkeley fans.

  • Anonymous

    My high school has better facilities and equipment!


    I am in a minority, but I find Cal’s athletic center so cool. It is as if they are sticking their middle finger out at the traditional world. And, guess what, they have had a pretty good football team the last few years despite the fact their facilities are not even of high school quality. Keep up the good work!

  • bkays

    how did you manage to get that post off from your tree top?

  • BruinFaithful

    UMMMMMMMMMMM. What happened to the correct link? Thanks for the weather report.