Info will have to wait

With training camp opening Aug. 5, UCLA sent out a press release with many of the usual rules associated with practice, but also with a new part.
Despite practices being open to the public, meaning anyone can post anything on an internet message board or place a comment on a blog (including this one), the school is stating “No live reports/blogging are permitted during practice.”
In other words, any non-media member can go to Spaulding Field and post practice updates while practice is taking place, but media members cannot. So I will be posting blog material before and immediately after every practice.

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  • northbaybruin

    I would just as soon have intelligent accounts of the practices after they occur as opposed to some spurious play by play account by any numbskull who happens to have a cell phone.

    Look forward to your posts.

  • Eric

    This is BS. I understand that you want to preserve good relations with the school, but the NCAA’s efforts to restrict live blogging are completely asinine and you should take them to task for it.

  • Hiero

    Northbaybruin: The problem is that “any numskull” can still blog by cell phone. That is unless, you think that the beat writers are numskulls.

    As for me, I don’t mind waiting until the end of practice to hear news. Few things are so important that I need to hear them as they occur. If something does happen, it seems to drag on and on and on. A recap at the end of the day is fine.