Uniform idea

Many folks asked the question about a change in UCLA’s football uniform, so I spoke to coach Rick Neuheisel about it and he said one was not forthcoming.
However, Neuheisel said he would like to have a game where the players wore throwback uniforms, although he wasn’t sure of the era the throwbacks the Bruins would wear.
Neuheisel added he did not think it was something that could be done this season because of logistics involved in such a decision, but believed it was possible to do for the 2009 season.

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  • just me

    how about jerseys from the 1984 season… i think the bruins did pretty well that year led by some quarterback who also did pretty well.

  • VB

    I’m not sure why Bruin fans are so obsessed with changing our uniforms. I personally like our current home uniforms. The helmets are the way they pretty much have always been, and our jerseys are true blue with one of the best designs in the Pac10. Our AWAY jerseys are not what I would like them to be, however. Maybe we could modify those a bit, but leave our home jerseys the way they are.


    VB: It’s called tradition. I wouldn’t say we’re obsessed, most UCLA fans just like the traditional ‘powder blue’ (or God’s Blue). If we are going back to the ‘true blue’ as you call it, then why not go back to the pre-Red Sanders days when our colors where like Cal’s.
    I vote for God’s Blue.

  • VB

    I like the ‘powder blues’ as well. UCLA has seemed to have been confused as to what shade of blue we are supposed to wear. I look at football games and see people wearing royal blue, navy blue, powder blue, true blue, light blue, tar-heel blue, midnight blue, etc…

    BRUINS: Let’s pick a shade of blue this year and stick to it!!! We need to paint our stadium in true blue in order to look united. I’m sick of seeing Bruin fans confused as to what shade of blue to wear.

  • HomeBru

    Thinking about this gives me Toledo flashbacks.

    Sticking to one color is the key. We should keep the true/adidas blue forever (preferably home and away) and eventually all of the fan jerseys will be true blue. The bookstore should also stop selling shirts and hats unless they’re true blue or yellow. Cal blue has no place on UCLA gear. Look at Tennessee: Their fans have no choice but ridiculously bright orange or white. It works.

    And everyone, keep wearing your den shirts until they fall apart. The student section always looks amazing.


    I think the bookstore does that because that’s the official school color, just as the band wears that shade of blue. Remember, football was first to adopt the ‘powder blue’ and other athletic teams followed. But I believe the official school color is still that dark blue. But personally, i like the ‘powder blue’ over the true blue.

  • VB

    Amen. The student section is always the only section that looks united with the same shade of blue.

    Listen up all you geriatric alumni and boring Bruin fans alike. You better get off your butts on 3rd down this season!!!!! And stay for the ENTIRE GAME! Stop leaving at the end of the 3rd quarter to “beat traffic.” If that’s the case, DON’T BOTHER COMING AT ALL!!!!!

    And one more thing, pardon my language Dohn, but please don’t pu$$y out of the USC game by selling your tickets on Stubhub. Every year my tunnel 19 is full of Trojan sucking pigs because the pansy UCLA fans who sell their tickets because they are afraid to face USC like men. STEP UP AND BE REAL FANS THIS YEAR!

    And for those who ARE real fans and who do indeed stand up on 3rd down and stay for the ENTIRE game, keep up the good work! Our team needs REAL fans this year. Not fair-weather pansies like we have had in the past years.


    35 DAYS UNTIL KICKOFF!!!!!!!

  • PUSC

    right on VB!!..we need to stand and yell the whole game..i lose my voice and it doesnt come back till wednesday

  • HomeBru

    I didn’t realize dark blue was the official school color (they should just change it). And I also didn’t think about the band. They should try out true blue band unis.

    I also like the powder blue better, but I don’t really see us going back to that.

  • Last year a pretty astute observer did a survey of all the Pac-10 football uniforms and UCLA’s home outfits were scored the highest while Oregon’s were the worst (an easy choice). That being said, look at the pro teams and notice how all of them have colors covering their legs and stripes on the side of their pants. Some modifications of the current uniform to more closely emulate what is seen in the NFL would be in the interest of recruiting because of the ambitions of
    outstanding high school players to someday play on Sundays.

  • Anonymous

    Can someone explain the difference between powder blue, God’s blue, true blue and light blue? Maybe list them from light to dark? Thanks.

  • BruinBrock

    Here’s the difference: http://www.dailybruin.ucla.edu/photos/2007/feb/04/11542/
    On the left: True Blue. On the right: Powder Blue. UCLA officially switched the school’s colors to “True Blue and Gold” in 2003 (http://www.dailybruin.ucla.edu/archives/id/24773/). The marching band is the only UCLA unit I’m aware of that still wears navy blue… I have no idea why. Official color is “True Blue” (precise color created by Adidas). In order from light to dark: powder blue, True Blue, royal blue, navy blue.

  • drbruin

    The marching band now wears True Blue as of the Bowl game last year. It takes some getting used to, but it is True Blue. I think all UCLA athletics should use the same shade of Adidas True Blue. Go Bruins!

  • bz

    Nice run down BruinBrock…Now I know why the football uniforms were clearanced out in 2003 at the book store. Additionaly in 2004 the Chancelor spent $50k to pick out and make uniform the schools colors. This is what was chosen: http://www.identity.ucla.edu/graphicstandards/colors.shtml

    As I recall, at the time they said it didn’t match the sports uniforms, but that was ok with them. I remember thining how rediculous the whole thing was at the time.


    The back side of the uniforms should be green, as in grass gren, in order to match the color they will be after the game when the opposing team has pancaked our players on their rears over and over and over.

  • Hiero

    If you are going to do a retro uniform, you have two choices — ’54 or ’66. Just my opinion.

  • Hiero

    If you are going to do a retro uniform, you have two choices — ’54 or ’66. Just my opinion.

  • Hiero

    Bruinbrock: The changes in 2003 were relatively minor in terms of shade of blue. There were other changes to the uniform (and the away uniform) that were more pronouned.

    What was supposed to happen was that all of the sports were to have uniforms of the same shade of blue. Never happened — we see have the full spectrum of blue out there on the Bruins I don’t know for sure, but it looked to me that baseball had a navy uniform (although it could have been black).

    The True Blue marketing plan was just that a marketing plan which seems to me has been pretty much abandoned. True Blue could never be uniquely associated with UCLA — Cal was already using it when the Bruins announced the new advertising campaign. I wonder what would happen if someone were to go to T’town and change the hue of the Bama unis. I think that would go over as well as the new coke campaign did. Of course, there is one shade of blue that is uniquely associated with UCLA.

    BTW, powderkegblue was never the offical UCLA color. Before 2003, Reference books that I saw switched back and forth between Navy and Royal.

    The marching band has new uniforms and they are predominantly — royal rather than navy.

    Aquacate: Sports Illustrated voted UCLA uniforms the best in the land somewhere around 10 or 15 years ago.

  • Ok here’s the scoop

    Apparently at the UCLA bookstore they are selling road jerseys with gold numbers as opposed to true blue numbers. I think they look terrible and I really hope they are not the new ones because the ones with the true blue numbers look fantastic.