Another night owl special

UCLA offensive coordinator Norm Chow finally signed his contract late last month, and I was able to get a copy of it today. Like I reported long ago, it’s a three-year deal. The new part is he is guaranteed $1.24 million if he stays all three years.
I addressed it in Wednesday’s paper, but another interesting thing is UCLA coach Rick Neuheisel put together a remarkable staff, and did so using only $85,000 more than former coach Karl Dorrell had for his last staff at UCLA.

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  • Jono

    Is it just me, or does $1.24 mil for Norm Chow seem like a steal? Is it normal for such a highly touted coach to be paid so little? (I think I may be just uninformed…) If someone could shed some light on this, I’d appreciate it.

  • tubby420

    Thank you Tennessee Titans!

  • Slippery Pete

    How much did we get to underpay the first two years considering the Titans will cover any amount up to $1 mil?

  • Tyler Durden

    this is misleading reportage.

    reality: this staff is being paid much more for fb related matters than last year’s staff was. hauck and chow are charging ucla peanuts.

    blowing smoke up neuheisel’s behind (“hes so good with money!”) actually serves to hurt Ucla.

    the takeaway from this reportage is that Ucla is as cheap and tight-fisted as ever.

    good luck beating sc with that money-grubbing, penny-pinching cultural mindset.

    grub, rick, grub!

    Ucla, pinch! pinch! pinch!

  • Brian Dohn


    I believe you are incorrect. Hauck is making more money than he did as an assistant at Montana. Wayne Moses and Frank Ganz Jr. are making less money because they are being paid by NFL teams for the upcoming season, but such coaches were also available when Dorrell was the head coach, and he wasn’t able to convince such coaches to come to UCLA.

  • hogsman


    Though what you say about Hauck, Moses, and Ganz is probably true, the biggest fish (Chow) wasn’t available and on the rebound from being fired by the Titans until after Dorrell had been fired and Neuheisel had been hired. So I don’t think it’s a completely fair comparison. But I have to give Neuheisel lots of credit for having the moxie to approach Chow about coming to UCLA. I didn’t think it was possible that he’d come here.

  • Anonymous

    Hey Brian. Is the $1.24 million a bonus (i.e., on top of his annual salary) to give him additional incentive to stay, or is it just the total, cumulative salary he will receive if he stays all three years?

  • Anonymous

    If I rememeber correctly, it does help the Titans are paying Chow’s salary for two years.

  • Brian Dohn


    You’re taking it too literal. Good coaches are always available, and Neuheisel found a way to be creative.


    On the face of it it seems amazing that ucla landed Chow. Chow is basically working for free, he was going to be paid by Tennessee for not working. But looking at the man, he is a prideful person who did not want his career to end so unceremoniously i.e. fired. And he has something against Carroll who he would like nothing better than to beat. Besides, he is very good at what he does, and most men don’t want to stop working in their prime (he is what, 62, but he is still in his prime).