More Edwards

From what I’m hearing from a source, Donovan Edwards did not provide UCLA with his summer class grades to be presented to the admission’s committee before changing his commitment to Cal.

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  • Fan4Life

    The CFB gods are punishing Rick for his past indiscretions. That has to be it. And there appears to be no easy road back to some semblance of respectability despite all the hoopla of our assembled coaching staff.

    I know things will turn around. Even when Karl was here, the recruiting shortfalls of one year, led to better recruiting the next. It happened every year. All Rick and Co will need is some traction locally when the season begins.

  • Jeff

    Dear Mr. Dohn:

    Any comment from Coach on the Edwards switch? Thanks!

  • Dustin

    interesting. Not sure if you care about message boards, but you are getting flayed on the Cal board for reporting this (as if you have some sort of bias toward UCLA and/or against Cal, lol). Can you clarify:

    Did Edwards not send in his transcripts because he simply changed his mind, or do you know that he did not meet the grades and thus did not send in his transcripts?