More Honeycutt

Sylmar wing Tyler Honeycutt said he grew up a UCLA fan and is well versed in the history of the program, but that will not be a determining factor on where he plays his college basketball.
He also said geography matters “to my mom, but not me.”
Honeycutt said Texas and Memphis did not offer scholarships yet, but both schools have been watching him closely this month.
What is he looking for in a school:
“Someone who wins. Someone who competes good,” Honeycutt said. “A good school that I could go to. Good coaching. I’ve got to like the coaches if I’m going to go play for them.”
Here is what he said on his four favorite schools:
USC: “It’s a good school. They’re always going to battle in the Pac-10, and battle UCLA.”
UCLA: “They make it far (in the NCAAs). They have good tradition”
Texas: “I like how they run, how they run and gun.”
Memphis: “Same thing as (Texas).”

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  • miltk

    Kids like to run today. BILL WALTON chose UCLA in part from watching their 64/65 team, so this is nothing new.

    This is one reason why this upcoming year is so important. We will be guard heavy and athletic in the small positions, and young at center. It’s a chance for Ben to show that he’s flexible because I think he has to fight a certain amount of damage control since coaches are recruiting using Ben’s deliberate game against him.

  • Fan4Life

    Too bad the staff isn’t giving Andy Brown of MD a hard look. I’ve only watched him a few times in the state tourney but he always appeared to be in the right place at the right time. He put more daggers into Mitty than the Wears combined.

  • VB

    Kid sounds like an unintelligent tool. Let him go to USC.

    “Someone who competes GOOD.”



    Kid sounds pretty intelligent in not playing favorites. Probably will make a good politician one day

  • Jose007

    I know what you mean by the unintelligent comment. I guess we’ve been spoiled lately to have such good, smart kids who sound educated when they speak. I don’t want to make a judgment on him from a handful of quotes though.

  • Drodri18

    He already sounds dumb by saying that SUC battles in the Pac 10. Don’t know about that one. He’s a player that I don’t really care if we get. Not sure why, doesn’t leave a good impression on me.

  • george

    per mitlk

    “I think he has to fight a certain amount of damage control since coaches are recruiting using Ben’s deliberate game against him.”

    I guess that is why he has the number one recruiting class in the nation – all those using his deliberate game against him. Give me a break! I am sick and tired of hearing UCLA fans whine about not getting the elite recruits. BH has done fantastic thus far both in recruiting and in maximizing the potential of what he has recruited. Dare we remember the condition of the program he took over a mere few years ago?

    I’ve said it before and will say it again: I, for one, enjoy watching BH take a group of good guys and team players and meld them into a cohesive unit that competes with the elite of the nation by the end of the year. That, for me, is far far far more entertaining than it would be to watch a team of elite one and dones play selfish “look at me” ball – even if they went undefeated and brought home #12.

    The past three years have been a fantastic ride. I believe that it will continue for a decade and even longer. But, I hope that BH will never cave into the pressure to recruit spoiled brats even if they are the next Kobe incarnation. I don’t believe he ever will.