Q&A time

Time for the Q’s to start coming and the A’s will follow on Friday.
In the mean time, here is the story I wrote about UCLA offensive coordinator Norm Chow’s contract, and a salary comparison of this staff to coach Karl Dorrell’s last staff.

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  • Mario DiLeo

    There was a story on the Web last week about a high school coach in No. Calif. who invented something called the “A-11 Offense” which a series of trick formations like an off-center snap, tackle-eligible plays, etc. This coach claims that San Jose St. will be using his offense this season and that other college coaches like Norm Chow have contacted him about lifting a play or two from his book. Are Chow and Neuheisel wont to using some trick plays this year?



    Obviously, you didn’t see the D. Edwards de-commit coming. Giving us your best-guess based on your sources, what is the likelihood we nab Siddoway, Shaq Evans, Phillip, Ertz, and Hasiak? I believe those 5 are key to a good class. Do you also see us extending offers to local kids like Cliff Harris and Rolondo Jefferson?


    Last week, you mentioned EJ Woods, and how he hasn’t been on campus. Is he currently enrolled, or is there a chance the clearinghouse keeps him from enrolling?


    What would cause us to lose 3 commits, given our great coaching staff with plenty of NFL experience? It seems these kids want to play at the highest level and many of our coaches have experience coaching at the highest level.


    To your knowledge, what is the minimum SAT score and GPA average that would get the “average” kid into UCLA on a football scholie?

  • Anonymous

    what more can you tell us about the D.Edwards decommit? Did he just want to stay closer to home? After watching that video you posted about the CAL athletic facilities, I don’t get why any serious athlete would want to go there.


    Have you heard anything about the Wear kids de-committing from UNC? Also, did Snaer move away from us because we are recruiting Bradley and Gaddy? Finally, what is the latest with Stover?

  • alxandr

    RH is under a very large microscope for how he handles players off the field issues, for obvious reasons, how well do you think he handled the Brett Lockett situation? Also have you spoken to any of the players and asked if it was a message well sent?

  • uclapanther

    I read that you think that Ben Olson can make it to the NFL. Did you think the same of Cowan when he was healthy? Do you think we win more games with Olson or Cowan if he had not suffered an injury?

  • Anonymous

    Any update on Alex Stepheson? Do you think he’ll end up at SC?

  • DERF18

    Dohnster, can you compare Marcus Everrett to A. Moutra? Sounds like Moutra is a taller, faster version.

    Also, can you compare Brig Harwell to young Brian Price? At the same stage of their careers, sounds like Brian is ahead of Brig, but Brig has been a bit injury-plagued.

    While you’re at it, could you compare Geoff Strand to the most current Uga over at Georgia? I think Jeff’s got reach on him, but Uga is rumored to be trained in Brazilian ju-Jitsu. I personally think Smokey over at Tennessee could take them both.

    Also, what’s the difference between a jelly-filled donut and an eclaire? I mean, their both basically sweet filling surrounded by fried dough, correct? Why the delineation?

    Thanks for all your answers, Brian!

  • Anonymous

    Any chance Ben Howland lands Josh Smith anytime soon?

  • Anonymous

    Elijah Johnson and Avery Bradley are said to have academic issues. Is it thought that they’ll be admitted to UCLA? Does Howland want Johnson if so (and he doesn’t get Bradley)?

  • angel

    Brian, how long is UCLA’s contract with Addias? Have they thought about switching to Nike? I think UCLA would sell more me merchandise which would help the university right?

  • PUSC

    I’ve read all summer about how the O-line is not very good. Is it due to them adjusting to a new scheme or is the D-line that good?

  • Bruintx

    How is OL Edwards able to get admitted into Cal, but doesn’t have the grades for UCLA? They are both UC schools, so aren’t the admission standards pretty much the same?

  • Gbruin

    Brian now that you have seen the pups, How would you compare Dye or Hester to Norris at CB? Any chance they might supplant Moochie at CB?

  • Tyler Durden

    Brian, can you compare the amount of total $ the current staff is getting paid related to coaching football (ie, Chow still being paid by the Titans cuz he got fired) to the amount the prior staff got paid for coaching football?

    My sense is that the current staff is getting paid a lot more, all things considered.

    Can you compare Neuheisel’s recruiting philosophy to Dorrell’s and tell us the differences and similarities, and which philosophy will work better?

    Can you compare the 2008 team’s overall talent to the 2003 team’s? Which team has better overall talent? (Maybe you want to break it down by position group…)

    Can you compare UCLA’s level of media savvy in the past to what it is today? Is UCLA going backwards with the (imo, ridiculous) “no live blogging” mandate?

    Can you fathom the foggiest notion as to why UCLA would dictate such an inane rule, one that is easily circumvented but is one that puts those best suited to distribute appropriately stated info (the beat writers) at a disadvantage relative to interest site publishers?

  • Tyler Durden

    Brian, can you compare Petros’ Norm Chow impersonation (“oh, Peete Caroll…dat guy!”) to Matt ‘Money’ Smith’s?

  • Tyler Durden

    Brian, can you compare the 2003 O-Line guys to the 2008 O-Line guys?

    To refresh your memory, here are some of the luminaries from the 2003 squad that Holy Toledo left behind:

    Ed Blanton
    Shane Lehmann
    Paul Mociler
    Alex Potasi
    Robert Cleary
    Tyson Clayton
    Eyoseff Efseaff
    Steve Vieira
    Mike McCloskey
    Robert Chai

    Outside of Blanton (now with the Jets), not exactly a murderer’s row there…I recall reading that Karl Dorrell was sorely disappointed with the lack of strength and athleticism this group displayed in spring ball when he took over.

  • bz

    It seems to be an article of faith around here that UCLA has the highest academic standards in the world for their student athletes… so what’s the story? How strigent are the admissions standards? Their is no way they have the same standards as the normal student body, but I see you mentioned that D. Edwards went to Cal because he couldn’t get in here (shocked me). How do the standards compare to other high academic/ high sports schools (U of Mich., UNC, Duke, Cal, Stanford… even ugh USC)?

  • Anonymous

    What are your “sources” Dohn? According to Cal insiders, Edwards received A and B on his summer courses and that the only reason he had to take those two classes was because of 24 unit requirement in order to transfer to UC as a sophomore.

  • UCLA ’64

    I have a couple of questions about how to pronounce some player names.

    1- Is Chane Moline’s first name pronounced “Shane” or “Chain”?

    2- We have two players named Micah. I think the name should be pronounced “Mike-ah.” I’ve heard it pronounced “Mick-ah.” Which is it?


  • Anonymous

    Why doesn’t Chuck White, the great P.A. announcer for the football and basketball teams get mentioned in the media guides or the gameday programs at all? I see that Chris Roberts always seems to get a page, so should Chuck.

  • Fencepost

    Great Q on the Adidas contract —
    Brian, how would that compare with usc’s contract w/ ESPN? Or their contract w/ OJ Mayo & his handlers?

  • Buster Bruin

    With Edwards out of the picture, who is considered most likely to win the vacant starting offensive tackle spot? Harris? Chandler? Ekbahtani?

  • tubby420

    Whats the story on Derrick Coleman? Is he completely deaf?

  • VB

    1) Have you seen “The Dark Knight?” What did you think?

    2) Do you see the possibility of UCLA winning the Pac10 in the next few years?

  • Anonymous

    Is there a recruit that you would like to see howland get a commitment from? If so why???

  • Anonymous

    There was a running back from reseda high this past year that decided to walk-on to arizona state. any reason why ucla did not go after him? and do you know anything about him?

  • GBruin

    Last season Karl Dorrell refused to answer one of your questions saying ‘That would be Football 101’ or something to that effect. Is Coach Nueheisal’s version of football 101 much different? Did you get a chance to take a refresher course on Football during the off season so you’d be prepped this time around?

  • Westwood Bob

    Hi Brian,

    Was there anything specific (workouts, drills) that new S & C coach Mike Linn implemented to increase team speed much like the reason Randy Horton (now gone) was hired for? I always felt that certain players needed more work on that then strength or conditioning training.

  • Buster Bruin

    Have you heard of any likely football commitments in the next couple of weeks when the current NCAA mandated quiet period ends and UCLA coaches can start calling recruits again?

  • barrya

    I sent an email about this earlier, but any info on how Kevin Love is doing on the backup US Olympic squad that I believe was to be scrimaging the Olympic team?

    On bb – men’s first – any reports or information on how the OTHER freshmen are looking? Anderson? Gordon? Has Lee come back on campus and started taking part yet?

    on the women’s team, anything to report? We have a new HC, very charismatic from a top-notch bb program – wonder if she’s making her presence felt as yet, any word on how the players are adjusting to her?


  • kevlabry

    Does the UCLA staff feel jilted or upset with the Donavon Edwards situation; also will this situation change R.N’s recruiting philosophy?

  • Anonymous

    What transpired in the recruitment of Hemani Stevens?

  • Anonymous

    I just wanted to say thanks for all the great work you do on this blog! I take for granted what you do, and when you were away, I realized how much I need this blog. Thanks!

  • Anonymous

    Do you believe that UCLA has a good chance at landing muli-sport athelete Tyler Gaffney?

  • Anonymous

    Do you think Rick Neuheisel can consistently recruit top local talent with a mix of solid out of state prospects?

  • Anonymous

    Are the recent de-commits upsetting the coaching staff, or are we, the fans, being irrational?

  • Anonymous

    Who do you feel wins the 3rd string QB job?

  • SnailOfWestwood

    Does Bell being cleared to practice mean that he’s 100%? Carter was cleared only a few weeks ago, and his injury occurred before the start of last season – Why was Bell’s rehab time so much shorter?

  • DoubleBruin

    What are the advantages of both team wearing home colors for the UCLA-u$c game?

  • maui13

    I saw a report on recruiting budgets for universities across the country. It said UCLA spent $640,000 on men’s and women’s sports. Do you know, or can you tell me where I can find out how UCLA’s football recruiting budget compares with USC and other PAC-10 schools?

  • maui13

    Is there a current player you are rooting for based on your interaction with that player?

  • Ron


    Is there a player from the 2009 class locally that you have seen play that impressed you and not received a scholarship offer from the Bruins? What is your opinion of Andy Brown of Mater Dei?

  • GBruin

    Do you have any observations on the new Strength and Conditioning program? how do you compare the Mike Linn approach to the Docapproach?

  • Steven

    Hey Brian, I saw you rocking a Galaxy jersey a while back. Are you a soccer fan? Do you have a favorite European team? – Steven

  • Anonymous

    Whats the word about walk on Center Nick Garibay from Banning?

  • DoubleBruin

    Would the coaching staff consider holding practices at higher elevations, say in Big Bear, to better prepare the team for games in Salt Lake, Provo, or Boulder?

  • Henry Ford

    Brian, I’ve heard conflicting stories about D.Edwards and his de-commitment. The Bear Insiders says he was just going to summer school for the 24-units needed to play Division-1 football. While you and your “sources” say he never had the grades for UCLA. If he never had the grades or for UCLA, why would they waste a visit on him? If in fact you or your sources are wrong, do you intend to apologize to D.Edwards? Were talking about 19-year old kid your throwing shots at.

  • Rasta Bruin

    Can you compare Reggie Carter to Donovan Carter. Besides the name, do they have the same game — does Do. Carter project to have Re. Carter type skills?
    What about David Carter — how does he compare to Jeff Miller?
    Last Carter: Raymond — how does he compare to Karim Abdul Jabbar (former Sharmon Shah)?

    Would you say Milton Knox is along the lines of Jermaine Lewis? Maybe even say Ray Rice??

  • UCLA ’64

    Is there any thought of moving Nate Chandler to the O-Line? He almost has the size for it, and he’s supposedly a very good blocker.

  • Anonymous

    One of the Cal Message Boards is imploding over the Donovan Edwards situation. The posters are accusing Tracy Pierson of BRO, and to a certain extent, you, of lying about whether Edwards had sufficient grades to be admitted to UCLA. In light of everything you have read/learned about Edwards, how confident are you in this part of your article on the issue:
    “Edwards did not receive the necessary grades.”

  • Spencer

    Regarding the basketball games at the UCLA gym. I assume that they regulate who plays. Can you explain how the games are setup?

  • Spencer

    Do you have an update on Lorenzo Mata-Real finding a place with a pro team?

  • Spencer

    What was your ballot for the Pre-season AP Poll?

  • Anonymous

    Brian, how reliable are your sources on your assertion that Donovan Edwards did not receive the necessary grades (“two Bs”) to be admitted to UCLA? Is Tracy Pierson one of your sources on the Donovan Edwards story? Do you ever use Tracy Pierson as a “source” for your UCLA stories?

  • lbcbruin

    Who do you think our most athletic b-ball player is(i know you haven’t seen much of the freshman but gives your best shot)? Is athleticism something Howland looks for in a recruit or does it take a back seat to other attributes?

  • Buster Bruin

    Offensive linemen Brandon Bennett and Sonny Tevaga were grossly overweight and out of shape when they arrived at UCLA. Have they been able to transform their bodies and get in good shape in the two years they have been in the program? Is there any reasonable expectation that either will mature into a good Pac 10 caliber offensive lineman? Where are they in the pecking order at the present time?

  • bruinmanny

    Brian , coach Walker has said a couple of times in the media , that he would like to recruit 4 linebackers for the next class. Since Todd Golper and Isaiah Bowens have already made there committment , who do you see as candidates for the next two spots ? Any names that you can share ? Thanks …

  • Buster Bruin

    Pat Cowan always displayed much better ability than Ben Olson to evade pass rushers and scramble around in the pocket? Is Olson’s problem simply that he lacks the foot speed and agility to effectively evade pass rushers, or is it more that he has “poor pocket awareness” and becomes so focused on what is developing downfield that he fails to react well to what is occuring in the pocket?

  • Buster Bruin

    Is Coach Chow trying to install a scheme designed to compensate for a porous offensive line such as quick passes and misdirection plays, or is there simply not much that can be done to overcome the seemingly limited talent on the offensive line?

  • Buster Bruin

    Ryan Moya has always been considered an above average receiver for a tight end, but has lacked the size and strength to be a consistent blocker at that position. Has he gotten stronger during the past year and improved his blocking ability?

  • bkays

    Do you see Howland being able to get both Noel Johnson and Honeycutt. Would they both play at the 3 or can johnson be a big 2? They are both coming for unofficial visits soon.

    Are chances for Bradley dim now that he has passed up on UCLA visits twice?

  • ucla2k3


    You reported recently that the football uniforms are going to stay the same. However, I just noticed that the UCLA Store is selling replica jerseys different from last year’s jerseys. Two changes stand out. On the road white jerseys, the color of the jersey number has been changed from light blue to gold. And the jersey numbers are missing from the sleeves of the jersey. Do you know if the athletic dept will be making these changes to the actual jerseys that players wear? Thanks.


  • Buster Bruin

    Is the problem with Jeff Miller, David Carter, and Reggie Stokes that they are “tweeners”– to slow to effectively play defensive end and not big enough to play defensive tackle?

  • Jbruin

    In your opinion, how big of a factor does talent play in college football, versus execution? Also, have you noticed any significant differences in the size, strength or agility of any of the players as a result of summer workouts? Thanks.

  • haskies


    What are the odds of Shaq Evans and/or R. Carroll becoming Bruins?